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Our first beauty columnist this month, is eyebrow and lash specialist, Amrik Khan. She has been in the industry for more than 12 including working in Knightsbridge. She currently runs her own brow and lash bar on Friday and Saturday at Beauty on the Mill in Woodford Green. Here she shares her expertise on creating the perfect eyebrow

How do you create the perfect brow?

I create a bespoke brow tailor made for my client by trimming, threading and plucking. I start off with a thorough consultation with my clients to establish exactly what they would like. I then give them my expert advice for a suitable shape, which would work best for their face. I follow by cleansing the area, assessing where I need to remove hair and where I need to leave to allow growth. I usually find people have over plucked so I need to see if the hairs will grow back. I finish by massaging aloe vera gel to sooth the area and I then apply the brow products to complete the look. But most importantly I do advise to fully grow them before having them shaped for a better result.

Why threading?

With threading you get more of a precise and controlled shape depending on how many hairs are coming out and you will finish with a more define brow. I thread the top of the brow as well, which can be frowned upon. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t and with threading you are just skimming over the eyebrows.

Can you share any advice to help maintain good kept eyebrows?

Once shaped professionally maintenance for brows would be roughly 3-4 weeks. It’s easier to maintain them at home with some of the following must haves for beautiful brows:

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• Brow brush (Anastasia sable duo brush) perfect for brushing brows in place and applying brow fillers

• My favourite good eyebrow fillers are

• Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade

• Smash Box Brow Tech Trio powder

• Benefit Brow Zing Kit

• Highlighter crayon... pro pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Can you tell us any top tips?

A secret tip for helping to grow your brows is rubbing a garlic clove.

What other services do you offer?

5D lash extensions, these are light weight lashes, which give you fuller more fluttery lashes and last up to four weeks. No need for mascara. Also LVL lash lift, which sets a curl in your own lashes and lasts six weeks. No need for curlers!

Anything else you would like to add?

I offer high-end treatments at affordable prices. Having two teenage girls myself, my advice would be to young girls is to have their eyebrows threaded and do not pluck yourself.


Beauty On The Mill

14 Mill Lane,

Woodford Green


0208 5056671

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