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Caci Microlift - Credit: Archant

Janet Reeder tries out the new Caci system and finds it an uplifting experience

I once met a woman who was 70 years old but she looked at least 20 years younger - her secret? Facial exercises.

Truth is I’m just not up to the task of putting my face through a workout each morning so when the Cheshire CACI clinic recommended I give the new Caci Microlift a trial run I couldn’t resist.

The machine which is about the size of a lady shaver comes with assurances that that it will lift, firm and tone facial muscles, tighten the jawline, reduce wrinkle depth and improve skin texture and firmness... and personally, if it did half those things I’d be hooked.

How often when buying this kind of gadget are you left trying to figure out the instructions ( and if like me you’ll skim read them)? So I really loved having an initial tutorial from Cheshire Caci’s Rachel Gibbons at Sale-based Cheshire Caci Clinic.

Rachel herself admitted that she was initially sceptical that an over the counter hand-held version of the famous Caci facial toning system would have much effect but after trying it out herself she was a convert.

For the uninitiated, Caci uses a special machine to deliver microcurrents that painlessly tighten up sagging skin and help reduce wrinkles - up until now only available in salons. And while the new Microlift doesn’t replace the higher strength treatments it can definitely work for those showing the first signs of ageing.

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Now I’ve been showing “the first signs of ageing” for a couple of decades, even so, for three times a week I have been using the device and seeing results. There are two programmes the first one is toning. This involves placing two of the four probes on targeted areas then making a kind of grabbing and lifting move with the other two probes, holding this for six seconds and repeating. I have worked on areas such as the jawline, eyes and cheeks thankfully getting better at it each time with practise. The second phase of the programme is a wrinkle buster This is an easier movement. All four probes are moved across areas such as forehead, crow’s feet and laughter lines in a zig zag, as if “erasing” fine lines.

There are many beauty writers and stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Collins and Martine McCutcheon who endorse Caci and after trying the Caci Microlift I’ve become a fan. I love the fact you can use it in the privacy of your own home and even better that it seems to be working. I definitely feel my skin has become tauter and more “conditioned”. And it’s a great thing to use prior to a special date or a party. It’s like having your very own facialist on speed dial.

Try out the new Caci Microlift at Cheshire Caci Clinic 11, Stamford Place, Sale M33 3BT 0161 282 9533

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