Beauty review: Brows Be Wow Gel

Brows Be Wow Gel

Brows Be Wow Gel - Credit: Archant

We review PUSH Make-up’s gel that promises to give you bold and beautiful brows

Brow Brunette Tint

Brow Brunette Tint - Credit: Archant

Strong eyebrows are one of the biggest beauty trends at the moment, fuelled by the catwalks during fashion week and one model in particular - Cara Delevingne. So when we were asked if we wanted to put PUSH Make-up’s Brows Be Wow Gel to the test, we jumped at the chance. After all, who doesn’t want brows like Cara?

When the gel arrived we admit to being sceptical about the colour - for dark brows, the colour seemed a little light. There was also only two colours to choose from - Blonde and Brunette - so how would the colours suit everyone? We were also concerned about the applicator, which was surprisingly a mascara wand. However our fears were soon quashed after applying the gel - it was perfect, for our brows at least.

It’s best to start with a light layer to begin with and to slowly build up the colour if needed to give you your desired shade. The result is a natural-looking strong brow.

The colour lasts too - it doesn’t smudge throughout the day, meaning you don’t have to worry about looking in a mirror every half an hour.

If you want stronger brows, Brows Be Wow Gel is the perfect product for you.

RRP £13.

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