Beauty Review: Environ and Nikita Salon

Environ has a 'step up' system

Environ has a 'step up' system - Credit: Archant

Did you know that only 10% of ageing is caused by genetics and the other 90% is caused by how you treat your skin? Neither did I until I tried a skin analysis session with Environ at Nikita beauty salon in Plymouth, writes Ellis Taylor.

Nikita Beauty salon in Plymouth regularly hosts skin analysis session

Nikita Beauty salon in Plymouth regularly hosts skin analysis session - Credit: Archant

Before my face was analysed by the Visia imaging technology I was a little sceptical as I am in my early twenties and didn’t think my skin would be particularly damaged. The machine soon showed me exactly where I was going wrong with a special computer program.

Firstly, it analysed the pigmentation and damaged cells, then I was introduced to my wrinkles and dehydration. Texture, redness and bacteria were also shown. The most surprising image (other than my wrinkles, of course) was sun damage. Having used moisturisers and BB creams with SPF in since I first started wearing make up I assumed that there wouldn’t be much damage, but I was wrong. My skin showed more sun damage and brown spots than I had anticipated, and the importance of a good daily SPF finally hit home for me.

As I dealt with the realities of my skin (shock, horror, twenty-something skin is not immortal) Emma talked me through how I could turn things around for my poor, prematurely wrinkled face. I was then ‘prescribed’ the AVST1 collection which would help moisturise and restore my skin.

Environ was first developed in the 80s by Dr Des Fernandes who discovered the positive effects of Vitamin A, C and E on skin. Each of the Environ products uses pharmaceutically graded vitamin A, with each ‘level’ having higher amounts of the anti-ageing vitamin, which means that you have to have a consultation in order to start using Environ products.

The step-up system allows the skin to get used to the high levels of vitamin A so it can be absorbed better. The vitamins are used to make a cellular difference, meaning that your skin is as healthy on the inside as it looks on the outside.

After three months of using AVST1 I returned to Nikita where I discovered that my skin had greatly improved. The products had banished my dehydration, reduced the sun damage and my skin had even increased from 75% to 94% wrinkle/fine line free.

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Return visits are always encouraged as they help make sure you’re on the right level of AVST. Krissie of Nikita explained that she regularly hosts these analysis sessions and Environ facials are available at the salon to give your skin an extra boost.

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