Beauty secrets from Abigail Adams of Oolong & win a lush hat box of goodies

Products, treatments and trade secrets that are the current beauty 'must-haves' according to industry professionals. This month Abigail Adams of Oolong reveals her all-natural favourites

 Top 5 Products

• Pinks Boutique’s Night Balm  Most definitely my number one, I put it on every evening before bed and I wake up   with lovely plump, glowing skin

• Kerstin Florian SPF50 daily moisturiser  Amazing, it doesn’t leave  my skin clogged up and needing a clean at the end of the day

• Chantecaille anti-smog tinted moisturiser SPF15   Absolutely gorgeous! Feels like applying cashmere it’s so creamy   but without any ‘caked’ effect

• By Terry ‘Growth   Booster’ mascara Leaves my lashes looking thick and shiny, I love it!

• Lemongrass and mandarin  cleanser by Pinks Boutique  I’ve tried lots of different cleansers over the years and I haven’t found one better   than this for combination skin, no dry patches with this one

Most Read

Trade secrets Skin disorders, sciatica and lower back problems usually result from the stomach lacking in TLC. Thai abdominal massage is lovely as well as very therapeutic for these things

Predicted trendI think (hope) people are seeing much better results from holistic therapies these days due to the alternatives now available. We have acupuncture, all types of yoga, Thai massage, metatronic healing, and Ayurvedic medicine. People seem to want natural remedies which are producing effective results

Favourite treatmentI really love the Radiance Cleanse five day green cleanse. The juices and vitamins and minerals are delivered to your door along with a diet plan for before, during and after your cleanse. I lost 4lbs, had so much energy and my skin, hair and nails were in amazing condition


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