Beauty specialist Mozghan Taheri gives her tips on how to look great in 2015

Mozhgan Taheri

Mozhgan Taheri - Credit: Archant

Lose weight fast! That’s a headline you see a lot and no doubt have dismissed as all style, no substance. However, with recent technological advances it’s actually more than a possibility, especially if you take it as seriously as Mozghan Taheri.

For years men and women seeking a way to lose weight quickly – and keep it off - have been disappointed. They will have tried many diets and exercise plans and not achieved the look they are seeking.’ says Mozhgan.

‘Here at my clinic I offer guaranteed effective technological methods that have been proven to work, every time.

‘I have invested in the most cutting edge technology and have already had dramatic results with clients – and the photos to prove it! Elixis Elite technology delivers immediate, measurable results in a single session – and this session only takes 15 minutes. A course of six short treatments has astonishing results – my clients can’t say enough good things!’

Elixis Elite works by using ultrasound to cavitate the fat cells beneath the skin in a highly targeted way. Cavitation is simply the use of low frequency ultrasound to direct a wave of pressure at the fat cell; the fat cell can’t withstand this pressure and collapses, disintegrating into a liquid state. The result is natural fat loss, no needles.

While this is happening, Radio Frequency is used to tighten the skin, resulting in fat loss with smoother skin too! The intensity is enhanced by deep heating the cells below the skin surface.

Elixis Elite in an extremely intensive process and can only be used in short, but highly effective, bursts – hence the 15 minute sessions. This appeals to all her clients but, unsurprisingly perhaps, it’s her male clients who appreciate the short, sharp bursts of activity the most, being typically more impatient than we women, who see beauty as a ritual to take time over. As a result, around half of Mozhgan’s Elixis clients are men, including body builders wanting to shave off a small, stubborn fat pocket and gentlemen who want to combine a healthy diet and increased exercise levels with targeted fat removal.

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‘I see lot of men and women here who are fit and healthy, yet can’t shift an area of fat whatever they do. Elixis addresses this perfectly. It’s also ideal for addressing those unavoidable signs of aging such as bingo wings, sagging knees and backs.

‘As we age our skin make-up changes. There is less collagen and the elastin fibres stretch and sag. This is why our jawline droops, our upper arms start to sag and the area above our knees goes too. Even slender women will lose their smooth backs and develop sagging below the bra line and around the ribs to the waist. Elixis is the perfect solution.’

Mozhgan also offers the special Intima Labial and Vulval Tightening treatment at her clinic, which has been created to help those women who are unhappy with the most intimate areas of their body following repeated childbirth or aging.

‘It’s not something women simply chat about,’ says Mozhgan, ‘but many women do want and need some tightening in this intimate area and it makes an enormous difference to their self-confidence levels.’

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