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Helen with her beloved Mac

Helen with her beloved Mac - Credit: Archant

Helen Lewis, founder of Loved in Bramhall, is determined – and able – to help her clients retrieve a life they thought they’d lost.


Before - Credit: Archant

Getting to know Helen over the years, I’ve recognised that she has a need to nurture and to care for people that shows itself in many forms, but most interestingly - from a professional perspective - in her choice of clinical treatments she offers and the training she has undertaken.

When we first met, for example, Helen showed me her mole scanner, where she can check moles for customers and assess whether they might need medical intervention or not. She invested in this machine after spending a lot of time in the tropics in her role with British Airways and seeing the damage the sun did to pale northern skin. A link to a top dermatologist, who assesses Helen’s findings almost instantly, has, without doubt, led to the early discovery of skin cancers in more than a few clients.

Secondly: Fraxel; a highly effective, positively potent, skin resurfacing treatment that Helen brought to Bramhall after considerable research.

‘Everything I do here has to deliver,’ she says. ‘I did a lot of research and eventually discovered Fraxel. The medical director of the company came over from the US to visit me and really appreciated my ethos, so I became the only clinic offering Fraxel in the North West. I’ve spent hours and hours training, I attend all the lectures and study all their trials and results – it’s so important to me that I deliver the very best to my clients.’


After - Credit: Archant

Fraxel is not only used for cosmetic, youth-enhancing purposes, but also to treat scarring, something Helen is developing a real passion for.

‘Fraxel builds a new epidermis, so it’s perfect for treating scarring following burns, accidents or surgery. It has tremendous results and while I love to give every woman who comes here the confidence that comes from renewed, more youthful looking skin, to treat and repair facial scarring is truly wonderful.’

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Finally, Helen’s developing passion for helping people re-build confidence following trauma has led her to become one of only a very few Platinum Elite trained cosmetic tattooists in the UK, a level most don’t attempt as it requires so much extra training and dedication.

‘As well as the expected eyebrow, lip and eyeliner cosmetic applications, this means I can also offer services to women who want nipple and areola tattooing following breast re-construction. The technique is also perfect for women with clinical alopecia, who want natural looking eyebrows and can even be used to disguise scarring – whether through ‘dry needling’ to break down scar tissue, or pale colours to disguise the darker skin of and around a scar. It works brilliantly on cleft lip repairs, for example.

‘I can use Fraxel to reduce the visible scarring and then tattooing to overcome any skin tone problems, and add definition to lips and brows. I can also tattoo brows and eyes before chemotherapy starts – hair loss during treatment is often emotionally devastating; by providing colour and definition the loss of the brows and eyelashes is softened and that all-important sense of femininity not so damaged.’

It seems that Helen has found the perfect role to suit her own nature and her love of learning - she’s able to be the best she can be, while helping others achieve something they thought they’d lost forever. We salute you Helen!

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