Being age aware: A maturing lady

What should we be aware of as maturing women?

What should we be aware of as maturing women? - Credit: Getty Images/Fuse

Judy Benoit Milner, managing director at Skinni Chilli talks exclusively to WEL about becoming a maturing women and shares her advice and tips on good health

As a maturing woman, I find managing my vulnerability for weight gain and mood swings increasingly challenging and have had to step things up this year for 2016.These days, women in their later years are expected to keep calm and get on with it, even though our body’s evolutionary journey may not have caught up with 21st century lifestyles. It would seem that if you are born a girl, your body ensures you never forget it.

Weight gain, uncontrollable body temperature changes have you shiver in the warmest of rooms or worse still sweating buckets like your head is on fire. All my hard work seems to have worked for me but even so, when my emotions are challenged, I can break down – and that can lead to emotional eating, weight gain, struggles with weight loss, and low self-esteem… but this is where it STOPS

This might seem gloomy, but I think the maturing woman should view this time of her life, as her liberation and instead of fighting her body with pills and potions, they should embrace it.

It’s a time to fell your best. Nothing screams success and happiness like health and eating right is the key to great hair, nails, skin and a killer body. Here are my tips to feeling fabulous.

1 The elimination of sugar from your diet is the first step. Un-sweeten that tooth by removing sugar from your hot beverages. Don’t fall into the trap of replacing it with substitutes – avoid sweeteners all together. Go cold Turkey.

2 Concentrate on eating lots of fruit and nuts to provide you with essential glucose and fats. Also, I have discovered Pecan nuts as a natural way to help with hot flushes.

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3 Drink lots of water. Good hydration feeds your whole body, a rough guide to water intake works out at around 1.25 litres of water for each 30kg of body weight

4 Get lots of beauty sleep. A good 8 hours of unbroken sleep should be your goal. For the first 4 hours of sleep, your body revitalises itself, the next 4 hours is repair and that requires energy so the body burns fat to achieve this maintenance.

5 Exercise in the open air. This time of the year is great for outdoor activities- long walks in the cool air will help you burn more energy so aim for 90 mins at least three times each week.

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