Bridal Hair - One thing you need to get right on your wedding day is your crowning glory and here’s how...


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Bridal hair is a challenge. Should you opt for an up-do as it is a special occasion? Do you need to grow out short locks, or change the colour? And how far in advance should you prepare for your wedding day.


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House of Finesse

House of Finesse - Credit: Archant

Philippe Chambers, Aveda Colour Specialist from Frisor Salon & Wellness in Hale says:

‘A bride’s hair for her big day is always a major area of excitement. Developing a timeline leading up to the wedding day and working closely with your hairdresser will be an important part of making sure everything goes smoothly.

Once you have decided on your dress, create a mood board of looks, fabrics, textures and themes that you like, remembering to include colours where possible. You can use social collaboration tools like Pinterest for this, or may prefer to cut items out of magazines and make a collage.

Book an initial consultation at least six to eight weeks before your wedding day, any hair colour work should be completed one-two weeks before, unless grey coverage or re-growth is a concern in which case you should plan on this the week of the wedding.

Summer and early autumn weddings may be slightly warmer, ideally you should go for a look that will last all day and ensure that you select products with the right level of hold and humidity resistance. Your hairdresser can help with this.

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Consider wedding hair packages when planning your event, this can include hair for your bridesmaids and other key members of the bridal party. On the day itself, I suggest reserving two hours for the bride and 45-60 minutes for each of the other party members. Remember to include your wedding make-up in your plan for the wedding day prep.’

Baguley’s of Cheshire

Hairpieces really help a bride achieve her fantasy style/ At Baguley’s of Cheshire you can have your longer/thicker look using 100% natural hair extensions, in a wide variety of textures and colours. They use a revolutionary new solution for session styling and instant makeovers.

House of Finesse

Amy Curran at House of Finesse, Altrincham offers this advice: I would start to plan your wedding hair as soon as you start planning your wedding. The trials for hair should be booked a few months before the wedding so there is plenty of time for preparation and alterations to the style.

I do think the style of the dress, wedding theme and venue should be considered before choosing a hair style as we want all the key factors of the wedding to compliment each other.

you will need to bring along for the hair trial any pictures of ideas you may have collected for ideas and inspiration and the head piece/dress that you have to wear on the big day so you can trial the hair style with it to see how it works.

It will depend on the brides face shape, hair type and wedding dress as to whether an up-do or a down style will work best.

The current trends at the moment for wedding hair is either vintage-esque, classic with a modern twist or the more relaxed boho style which is much more natural and soft. A really flattering look for all face shapes. Solid lacquered locks are a definite no-no!

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