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Yvonne Malley and Andrea Catton

Yvonne Malley and Andrea Catton - Credit: Archant

Sisters, Yvonne Malley and Andrea Catton, together own the Andrea Catton Laser Clinic Ltd. Based near Burnley; they are the only laser clinic outside of London to offer the state of the art, PicoSure laser tattoo removal treatment. Committed to providing a professional service with proven results, in a clinical environment, they aim to keep a close eye on emerging aesthetic technology.

What we do

We primarily offer a laser tattoo removal solution to beat all others, typically removing a tattoo in three to five treatments, spread over just a few months. We also provide solutions for minor skin imperfections and hair removal, using a variety of technologies, which in turn can help boost self-esteem.

Who we do it for

Anyone who wants to be rid of a tattoo. From the “regret” or inappropriate, to clearing the unfashionable one in readiness for the next. Anyone with a bothersome skin blemish or unwanted facial hair. Occasionally there are contra-indications, so a consultation and patch test are offered.

What makes us special?

Andrea has over 30 years’ experience of delivering aesthetic treatments and is very highly qualified. Yvonne has the wherewithal to research and purchase innovative treatment systems. Together we aim to provide a solution to each of the myriad of skin issues.

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Our business ethos.

Never underestimate the depth of feeling attached to a skin problem. Never make false promises and be realistic about outcomes. This is not about feel good factors, it’s all about solutions.

When we’re not working

We are chalk and cheese in our down time. Andrea likes to write children’s stories and poetry. Yvonne is a keen skier and spends each winter in the French Alps.

Our next move

Who knows? When you are master of your own destiny anything is possible. The market, clients and innovators, will point the way.

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