Business profile - Chapter Organics, Boston Spa

Chapter Organics produces all-natural infusions for home, body and mind

Chapter Organics produces all-natural infusions for home, body and mind - Credit: Archant

There’s something very romantic about the premise of Chapter Organics, a business started up a year ago by Charlotte Nutland from her home in Boston Spa.

Charlotte Nutland

Charlotte Nutland - Credit: Archant

She creates all-natural infusions for home, body and mind and harness the natural healing and restorative benefits of essential oils. The business started when Charlotte was pregnant with her first child - she's now mum to two little boys. 'I started to use essential oils to cope with symptoms and promote general wellness. I made up my own little blends and started to see benefits immediately,' she explains. 'Friends and family loved my blends and kept asking to try them. It was then I started to wonder if other people could benefit from them too.'

She decided to take the plunge and set up the business inspired by entrepreneurial clients she had worked with in previous communications jobs. 'They made me realise that with a strong idea, some creativity and a lot of hard work, I could start my own business too.'

The lead up to Christmas, especially your first few, can be very daunting for a small business, so it's warming to see Charlotte excited about the festive period. 'This year, Chapter Organics is hosting a giveaway with ten other independent Yorkshire brands that make unique products. Our aim is to remind people to consider buying from an independent retailer this festive season.

'It's so easy to buy from big established brands but buying from a small brand could mean them surviving for another year, plus you get a fabulous unique product that your friends and family will love! You're supporting someone's dream, someone's family, someone's passion, their livelihood.'

The key to staying on top of the game throughout the busy period is to be prepared. 'I started thinking about the festive season back in the early summer, which is probably late by other retailers' standards, but running an independent business you're always working to tight deadlines,' she says. 'I'll be working long hours, and roping in family to help when possible.'

And what can people look out for with Chapter Organics?

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'I'll be gathering some gorgeous materials to offer a beautiful gift-wrapping service, full of the smells of Christmas. We're producing a limited edition three wick candle. It's hand-poured into a beautiful amber glass apothecary jar. It's much bigger than our other candles and will last the whole season. Candles aren't just for women either, which is a common misconception. A decent percentage of my customers are men who love filling their home with blends of essential oils.'

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