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The season of office parties and over-indulgence spells disaster for those prone to cellulite. Champneys has introduced a new treatment that claims to combat its effects.

It’s almost that time of year again. Office parties loom and soon it will feel entirely normal to drink sherry at 5 in the afternoon. Food gets stodgier and ever more abundant, and exercise goes out of the window. And yet we are expected to wear to these seasonal soirees glamorous, figure-hugging confections that show every last morsel of wrongdoing.

In a bid to put festive over-indulgence on the back foot, I visited the Champneys day spa in Brighton’s Lanes. They are offering a Mineral Detox Cellulite Buster that, they say, can be used as either a quick-fix cheat or a more long-term solution when part of a course.

Cellulite is caused by fat deposits under the skin which give a dimpled appearance, not unlike orange peel. There are multiple contributory factors, including hormones, diet, lifestyle and genetics. It’s lifestyle that is the problem at this time of year: alcohol, caffeine and lack of exercise all play their part.

The prevalence of cellulite, particularly among women, means that there are a multitude of treatments that claim to combat its appearance. These include topical creams, massage, skin-brushing and lasers.

Champneys’ Mineral Detox Cellulite Buster is a localised treatment that tends towards the invigorating end of the spa spectrum. I relaxed on my front as my thighs and calves were kneaded, brushed and scrubbed in a bid to tighten and tweak the offending bulge. Most of us have tried dry-brushing or a loofah, and this treatment works on similar principles, combined with lymphatic drainage massage.

Champneys are currently offering new Bamboo Massage and this treatment incorporated the technique, which was in fact my favourite part of the process. Rods of bamboo were rolled gently across the backs of my legs in a sublimely relaxing movement.

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During the 55-minute blitz my therapist used Champneys Mineral products, including a salutatory seaweed-based body mask. My therapist warned me that there might be some aches and pains afterwards due to the muscle stimulation, but I suffered nothing more than the feeling one gets after mild sporting activity. After one treatment I can’t speak for the treatment’s long-term efficacy, but it certainly gave me a pick-me-up. I felt buoyant and toned for the next couple of days, and certainly more confident about my shape.

A tonic for those of us who lead largely sedentary, desk-bound lives, and a must if you’re worrying about squeezing into that little black dress.

The treatment costs £55 for 55 minutes and is available at Champneys Brighton, 24 East Street, BN1 1HL, 01273 777155,

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