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Settler or nomad? Find out here

Settler or Nomad? Find out here

On a journey of self discovery you can gain an insight into how you respond to others as well as how others perceive you.Getting to know yourself is an interesting and fulfilling first step on the road to inner peace, health and happiness.I recently came across a test which helps clients understand their own personality types, which generally fall into three categories – The Warrior (resolute and organisational), The Settler (intuitive and adaptive), and the Nomad (charismatic and evidential).I was not surprised to discover I was mainly a Settler, as I am by nature, non confrontational, compassionate and intuitive. Perfect qualities for a therapist, but not so good if I ever want to become a double glazing salesperson.Although the Settler is caring and thoughtful, there is also a negative side which causes us to be indecisive – I think, and we tend to say yes when we really want to say no because we have a need to please everyone else even if it’s to the detriment of ourselves.The most balanced people have an equal mix of all three characteristics.Answer the questions below off the top of your head, giving each answer a score out of ten – ten being most relevant to you and one being least like you.The Warrior: How determined/dogmatic are you? How easily can you ‘speak your mind’? How shrewd/cynical are you? How argumentative can you be? Now add up your score and put to one side.Next is the Settler: How adaptable/indecisive can you be? How important is it for you to be liked? How reliable/over-trusting you are? How easy going are you? Keep a note of this score.Finally, the Nomad: How inspiring/over dramatic can you be? How easily can you shrug off or ignore criticism? How spontaneous/impulsive can you be? How impatient can you be?Add all three scores together and divide this number by 100. For example if you scored 79 in total you are now left with 0.79. Next, divide each of the three separate scores by this number.  For instance if you scored 15 for the Warrior questions, divide 15 by 0.79. You should now have three final scores.Your top score best reflects your personality - the one you were born with before you were influenced and brainwashed by life. If there is less than ten between each score you are very well balanced.The Warrior: Determined and tenacious, goal-driven; unsurpassed organisational skills; excellent planner; calm and unruffled in emergencies; energetic, independent and self sufficient; perceptive and able to spot pitfalls in plans; security conscious and naturally discreet; natural team leader; quick thinker in arguments; practical and logical; good at recalling facts and figures; but inclined to be forceful, domineering, impatient and ruthless.The Settler: Intuitive and understanding; caring and compassionate; unequalled communication skills; naturally diplomatic; generally optimistic, cheerful and polite; tolerant; genuine sixth sense; flexible approach to shifting plans; turns a setback to an advantage; but, has a complex personality; can be on the brink of success and suddenly give up; prone to shyness and under confidence, and the need to be liked can cause problems with decision making and asserting themselves.The Nomad: enthusiasm for new projects; lively and alert approach to life and work; inspirational in outlook and communication; unsurpassable in publicity and promotional matters; exceptionally confident and outgoing; sharp eye for creating an image; skilled at finding novel solutions to problems; uncomplicated personality; ready wit; natural ability to entertain, inspire and uplift others; but, easily bored; can appear unreliable; need for instant gratification, and not very good at mundane or routine tasks.Okay, so it’s only a bit of fun, but everyone who tried this test said it was surprisingly accurate and gave them a better understanding of themselves.As for me, I’m going to make a real effort to be more decisive and confident and for one day only consider myself before all others – if they’re sure they don’t mind.

By Helen SkeneComplements Mobile Health and Healing for Suffolk Women Telephone: 01473

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