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Be careful what you wish for this New Year says Helen Skene

Be careful what you wish for this New Year says Helen Skene

The New Year is a time for reflecting on the past and making plans for the future.New Year resolutions can include anything from losing weight and quitting smoking to buying your dream home or a family holiday.Some people believe that whether or not you get what you wish for has little to do with good luck but everything to do with certain laws of the universe.Have you ever noticed how negative people, who continually moan about their lives, seem to attract bad luck, while those who are happy and positive seem blessed with good fortune?There are many laws of the universe, but none are as simple and effective as positive thinking.You may have heard of the Cosmic Ordering Service where you literally ask for what you want; or The Secret, another positive thinking system in which you focus on what you would like and it will manifest.I expect many of you are now wondering if I had one too many over the Christmas period, but you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying these systems.The key is to be precise in what you wish for. For example, I knew a man who asked for a beautiful, long legged blonde as his girlfriend.

Have you ever noticed how people who moan about their lives seem to attract bad luck, while those who are positive seem blessed with good fortune?

It wasn’t long before he met a lady who appeared to be the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately he could not cope with her high maintenance lifestyle and they soon parted company. Next time maybe he will request a beautiful, long legged blonde who is also his ideal partner.I once asked for lots of cheques to come through my front door instead of bills, and low and behold just a few days later about 30 of them arrived. Blank ones in a cheque book!The Secret is a similar concept, but instead of just looking up at the sky and saying something like “Please can I have a new car” and then forgetting about the wish until it appears, The Secret involves actively focusing on what you truly want. If it is a house in the countryside, find a photograph of the house of your dreams and place it where you will see it and think about it often and really believe that it will be yours. If a slimmer version of yourself is your heart’s desire, stick a photograph of your face on to a model’s body and use that as your focal aid.It may all sound a bit far fetched, but what’s the harm in trying it for fun.Just be careful what you wish for, as you might just get it!

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