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Time to slow down and just enjoy life

Time to slow down and just enjoy life!

The spring bulbs are sprouting up, the days are drawing out and everyone seems to be smiling again.

With those few long months of weak sunlight and freezing nights behind us, my clients are beginning to look forward to days out and trips abroad.

We always seem to be planning that next stage in our lives; looking forward to forthcoming events; almost waiting in limbo for the future to be our present.

What about the present? Where are we right now - in this given moment?

It seems we are so busy striving for that next milestone that we have lost sight of the beauty which is now.

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This week I met a woman suffering with ME, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Up until two years ago she was working flat out in her more than full time finance job and trying to squeeze the rest of her busy life into her free time. The result was that she never had any free time.

One day, as suddenly as waking, she began suffering with endless coughs and colds that would not be shaken off.

She was constantly tired, lacking energy and motivation, and suffering severe pains in her arms and legs.

Despite this, my client surprised me by stating that ME was the best thing to happen to her.

"It made me slow right down and really look at my life. I began to appreciate what I had rather than trying to gain more," she said.

As I carried out the Swedish body massage this client had booked I became aware of the scars left by her hectic past.

As I massaged each of her fingers the next digit was hovering stiffly, ready to be passed to me, rather than hanging loose.

Even after months of winding down from her exhausting life, her over active mind was still trying to move on to the next stage as quickly as possible rather that just waiting for it to happen.

My ambition is to massage this client into relaxed submission.

The day her fingers become as limp as a wilted lettuce will be the day my job is done.

I always recommend that anyone with ME consult their doctor as to whether a massage would improve their condition.

To date, I have treated several clients with ME and all have expressed that their aches and pains have been greatly relieved by the combination of massage and Reiki healing.

All these clients also had something else in common – a previous life on fast forward; must do now; must get quick.

It is hard to change habits of a lifetime, but beginning to slow down now could prevent a lot of pain and heartache in the future.

So next time you are racing from one task to another just stop! . . . . . . . . Just for a moment, and ask yourself: "How am I. . . .now?"

By Helen Skene

Complements Mobile Health and Healing for Suffolk Women

Telephone 01473 743038

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