Cosmetic expert Dr Xavier Goodarzian on the latest non-surgical treatments

MERUMAYA Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel

MERUMAYA Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel - Credit: Archant

Cosmetic procedures have come a long way since the ‘wind-tunnel’ face lifts and overly-plumped pouts. Laura Lewis talks to local cosmetic expert Dr Xavier Goodarzian about the latest non-surgical treatments

With consumers demanding a youthful elegance achieved with fewer scars and less down-time, and the advent of reality television making us more aware of cosmetic procedures, there is a lot of pressure on the cosmetic industry to keep up with demand. Dr Xavier Goodarzian has seen the industry transform, he explains: “Over the last 15 years there has been huge growth in the area of non-surgical medical aesthetics. I’ve seen a big shift in acceptance in ‘having something done’ brought about by the massive increase in access to information and the rise of the celebrity culture.”

With demand for these treatments continuing to rise, you need to ensure that the work that you are having done isn’t going to leave you looking like you’ve just done ten rounds with Tyson. Dr Goodarzian issues a gentle warning: “Unfortunately, there is currently no law against a beauty therapist, with no medical qualifications, being able to go on a day course to learn how to inject dermal fillers in to your face. This can potentially lead to all sorts of problems when side-effects occur, because they are not medically trained and so will be less likely to be able to identify any problems - and even more unlikely be able to treat them. Thankfully side-effects are rare and established treatments used today have good safety profiles, but they do happen so make sure your practitioner is medically qualified and don’t be afraid to ask them about their experience.”


Beauty dilemma: Droopy features

• Try: Silhouette Soft

A neck and jawline that is less than taught can add years to an otherwise youthful complexion. The main cause is a lack of muscle tone which naturally occurs over the years. This ground breaking procedure can give your face a lift in all the right places, to correct sagging facial features including jawline, cheeks, neck and eyebrows. The huge benefit is that you won’t need a general anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic is applied in small amounts, and sutures are applied with a micro needle to gently hold and support loose muscles. Over a few months, the component, Poly-l-lactic acid gently binds within the tissues to hold the effect for up to 18 months for a regenerative and collagen boosting effect.

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• Cost: £600 to £1000 (depending how many threads are needed)

• Recovery time: After the treatment you can carry on as normal but there may be some bruising that can be covered by sterile make-up.


Beauty dilemma: Uneven skin tone, caused by acne scars, pigmentation damage and fine lines

• Try: Phenol peel

Over the years, the top layer of our skin can become a mirror for bad skin habits. Smoking and sun-worshipping are the worst offenders, causing wrinkles, sun spots, pigmentation issues and more. Even acne break outs from years past are reflected in the damaged skin cells that continue to grow. If you’re looking to wipe away the years, try a Phenol peel. After an application of local anaesthetic cream, the peel is applied carefully by the practitioner. Once the set time has elapsed, the peel is neutralised and then after a few weeks your new complexion will reveal itself. It’s not for the faint hearted, with the initial effects being likened to severe sunburn and peeling, but it will take care of rough, uneven textures leaving you with skin to be proud of.

• Cost: from £1250 to £3950

• Recovery time: Home recovery takes 7- 8 days, after which you can carry on with normal life with good sun protection – full results are seen around six months post-peel following collagen formation.


Beauty dilemma: Stubborn fatty deposits

• Try: Aqualyx Tm

You’ve dieted, exercised and toned up but there’s one stubborn area that just won’t shift no matter how hard you try! These pockets of fat are unfortunately part of our genetics, and the fat cells remain in position, even when surrounding fat has been reduced. The active component in the AQUALYX TM treatment is desoxycholan-acid, a secondary bile acid. With the assistance of bacteria, our body is able to produce this acid itself in the liver, in order to aid the digestion of fat – literally dissolving it away.

• Cost: £300-£450 per treatment (course of 3 usually needed)

• Recovery time: After the treatment you can carry on as normal but some discomfort may be experienced for a few days.


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