Could cosmetic breast surgery be for you?


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Mr Garrick Georgeu from the Springfield Hospital Cosmetic Clinic team in Chelmsford, shares his expertise on the subject of cosmetic breast surgery

Cosmetic surgery can mean all manner of things to all manner of people and few areas are misunderstood as much as cosmetic breast surgery. There may be many different reasons why a woman chooses to have this type of surgery whether it involves breast enlargement, breast reduction, a breast uplift or nipple correction procedures.

When you’re unhappy with your breasts it’s hard to feel confident. You might not wear the clothes you’d like to, you might cover up on the beach and you might even feel self-conscious in front of your partner. In truth, every woman’s personal reasons for choosing cosmetic breast surgery are as individual as she is.

Mr Garrick Georgeu, a dedicated plastic surgeon and part of the Springfield Hospital Cosmetic Clinic team, is an expert in this field. He is well respected as a breast expert and has been asked to speak at numerous conferences over the last few years including the recent British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons meeting. Here he explains more about some of the key considerations surrounding breast augmentation.

What is a breast augmentation?

This is a very frequently performed operation, which uses breast implants to improve the size and shape of a woman’s bust. There are three shapes of implants; round, anatomical (tear drop) and conical. Not one shape suits everybody and it is important to see and try the different shapes, which is part of the service offered in a consultation at Springfield Hospital.

What does the operation involve?

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The surgery takes up to around 90 minutes. While the procedure is carried out under a general anaesthetic, most are performed as day case surgery which means that you can usually go home the same day. The implant will be placed either behind the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle, depending on the amount of breast tissue and your preference.

What are the results like?

Breast augmentation surgery can provide both physical and psychological benefits. Patients who have undergone a procedure of this type say that they feel more feminine and personally confident about their new body image.

Who should perform the surgery?

When making a decision about cosmetic surgery, it’s important that you have confidence in both the hospital and the surgeon. For more than 25 years, Springfield Hospital has carried out thousands of procedures each year, so you can be confident that we have the experience and expertise to ensure a successful operation. I, together with the other aesthetic surgeons working at Springfield Hospital, am fully vetted for your safety by a Medical Advisory Committee. Every cosmetic surgeon at Springfield must be fully registered with the General Medical Council and have membership with national and/or international plastic surgery societies such as BAPRAS, UKAAPS, ISAPS, for example, giving you the reassurance you are in safe hands.

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