Crowning glory hair styles for our new princess

Piled high for maximum glamour or cascading curls? <br/><br/>take the poll and let us know your choice

It is often said that the chic women of Paris would prefer to spend money on keeping their hair looking gorgeous than on everyday staples such as the weekly shop; if you think about it, it’s a double whammy, look fabulous and avoid calories!  Realistically it’s not the most practical of rules to live by but hair is the one thing that we can change easily with cuts, colour and styling to fit any occasion or phase of our lives.Recently a new style icon has hit the headlines with her fashion and hair being scrutinised at every conceivable opportunity.  Kate Middleton is blessed with a mane of pure swishy gloss which is bringing brunette back into vogue.  Hers is a long fringe but fringes in general are making a statement with the ‘sweepy’ look proving popular as it suits most face shapes. Sweepy fringes come in all lengths, are slightly choppy (but still soft) and dried across to one side.  Another look taking flight is the outgrown bob; New York socialite Olivia Palermo was one of the first to sport the look and even Jennifer Aniston has succumbed.  The outgrown bob is sleek, without layers and falls just below the shoulders.  Don’t be over zealous with styling; this is a relaxed look for laid back appeal.Longer hair comes into its own with the wedding season looming so look after your locks and think about some edgier styles whether you’re the bride or a guest.  We asked some local salons to give us their ideas on the ultimate ‘occasion’ looks and who knows, Kate may well take some inspiration!


Styling by the Tikadi artistic team for the thoroughly modern princess

1 Real princess chic!  Piled high for maximum glamour to show off a fabulous neckline

2 Swept up elegance, a soft look that allows flowing tresses to come into their own

3 Tumbling pre-Raphaelite curls for those

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From Tikadi's collection,  WEL thinks Kate would look fabulous with image 1 which lends itself to her colouring and slim features.  But would she tower over her prince?


Styling by the Zoology artistic team for the wedding season and beyond  1 This timeless image shows structure and cascading curls for high glamour girls  2 Elegant yet totally modern, perfect for grown up girls who still prefer to stand out  3 A high fashion look with great texture and volume for those that really want to turn heads

From Zoology’s collection, WEL thinks image 1 is more fitting for Kate should she choose a less structured look on her big day.

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