What is cryotherapy?


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We speak to Claire Robinson, founder of Loughton-based Essex Cryo Clinic, about what cryotherapy can offer you

Claire Robinson

Claire Robinson - Credit: Archant

When did your interest in health and fitness begin?

My interest in health and fitness started relatively late in life. I was married at the young age of 23 and after having had my three boys and being a stay at home mum for over ten years I suddenly looked in the mirror one day and realised my body was not in the greatest of conditions. I started working with a personal trainer in Liverpool and she completely changed my outlook on health and fitness. Then when the need came for me to return to work, I thought I would love to help others the same way my trainer helped me, and so I began the process of qualifying to become a personal trainer which I have been for the last seven years.

What drove you to launch your own cryotherapy business?

I have always been a fan and a believer in cryotherapy having read about the benefits in various health and fitness remits; however it appeared to only really be accessible for top athletes who could access and afford the treatment. A client of mine called Tony suffers with MS and we often discussed cryotherapy as a way of helping him with his pain. In a way Tony was really my inspiration for setting up the clinic as I was determined to find a way of bringing cryotherapy to the general public because I was convinced it could help so many people.

Why did you choose the Crate Loughton as the place to set up your cryotherapy clinic?

I chose the Crate in Loughton to set up my clinic because it is the epitome of the word community. It is such a fun, quirky place to work and it’s also handy having my personal training studio just across the car park. The Crate really is a hidden gem within Loughton, it is home to so many interesting businesses and many of which really complement each other. Here you can take your dog for a groom, then while you wait you can have a coffee and some lunch or get your nails, hair and Botox and cryotherapy session done.

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What is the process of cryotherapy and what benefits does it offer?

The process of whole-body cryotherapy is to stand in a chamber that has a temperature of below -120°c due to the use of liquid nitrogen. When the body is exposed to such an uncommonly low temperature it activates an anti-inflammatory response, which in turn releases endorphins and results in super charged blood flowing back around the body as it warms up.

The benefits of cryotherapy are too many to mention! Primarily it’s good for reducing pain and inflammation in the body and for supporting exercise recovery and performance. It can improve conditions such as MS, fibromyalgia and arthritis among others. It also has beauty benefits, such as anti-aging and increased collagen production which helps reduce cellulite. There is also some weight loss benefits of an increased metabolism and the burning of hundreds of calories from just one session.

What’s the most rewarding aspects of the job?

Helping clients who are in pain to get some relief. I really feel for anyone who lives with constant pain in any area of their body. Essex Cryo Clinic has enabled me to help people with many conditions some of whom experience relief after just one session, which is just a joy to see. I had one client burst into tears after her session because she could walk for the first time without back pain, and there is no better feeling than being a part of that.

How have you balanced being an entrepreneur alongside raising your sons?

I am not sure that I have always found the right balance as it’s a constant struggle, but what I have always tried to do is involve my boys in the whole process. For example, my son Michael is studying for his business A-Level and so he has been involved in the process of setting up the business from the start. It has been especially great for him to see a business turn from an idea that we chatted about around the dinner table to a functioning sustainable business. I have always encouraged my boys to work hard at whatever they decide to do, and I do my best to be a role model for them as well constantly telling them to tidy their rooms!

What advice would you give to someone planning to open their own business?

Start by doing plenty of research. You need to know your product and know your market. Another important thing is to find something that you really believe in, because when you feel positive about your business then it stops becoming just a job and instead becomes your passion.

In your opinion, what are the three most important qualities people need to be a successful businessperson?

I think the most important qualities are to be honest, friendly and hard working. Nowadays people have so many choices and so they tend to do business with the people that they know, like and trust. This is especially important in my business because if you’re going to be standing in the freezing cold, in your underwear, then you will definitely need a friendly face to get you through it! Essex Cryo Clinic, 15a Oakwood Hill Industrial Estate, Loughton, IG10 3TZ; 07765 846497; essexcryoclinic.co.uk

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