Photographic installation raises awareness of isolation

Lonely Existence (photo: Simon Isaac)

Lonely Existence (photo: Simon Isaac) - Credit: Archant

The Green Light Trust highlights isolation, social exclusion and loneliness in new digital campaign

The Green Light Trust has launched a digital campaign to highlight the ever-growing problem of isolation, social exclusion and loneliness.

The campaign, David Come Home, is built around a video and digital photography virtual exhibition, which is the work of Simon Isaac.

Simon has exhibited his photographic work in the USA, South America and across mainland Europe, drawing inspiration from the world around him to highlight issues which are important through his creative vision.

Research conducted by You Gov, released in October, showed that 34% of people in the Eastern region alone withdraw from others to avoid rejection, while loneliness and isolation have long been an area of concern for older generations.

‘We are delighted to be the recipient of the fundraising activity from this virtual exhibition and to be part of the campaign to highlight this growing issue across all generations,’ said Tom Brown, CEO of Green Light Trust.

‘We are committed to drawing attention to isolation and loneliness, which can result in broken lives, and in providing solutions which transforms futures.’

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