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Claire Rogers runs her own yoga business just over the Suffolk border in Great Oakley. She talks to Amy Westall about the mindset and motivation of the ancient practice

What are the health benefits of yoga?

Apart from the obvious advantage of keeping yourself flexible and all your joints moving, yoga can help you build muscle strength. You also have the added benefits of feeling calmer, you’re able to put things into perspective on a day-to-day basis, and not forgetting it’s the best thing to sort out stress.

When did you start practising yoga?

Twelve years ago on a trip to Queensland, Australia. After falling in love with the country and staying for another seven years, I submerged myself in yogic culture. On returning to the UK a few years ago I felt compelled to train as a teacher and merge my love and understanding of yoga with that of the British Wheel of Yoga’s diploma course. I qualified in March 2014 and now hold a level three diploma in teacher training.

What kind of yoga do you teach?

Hatha Yoga with a Scaravelli approach. This is using gravity, grounding and your breath to help awaken your body. It’s all about creating freedom and proper alignment of your spine for wellbeing.

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Yoga can help us by shifting our mindset. Yes it’s grey, cold and miserable outside, but when you are feeling the benefits of yoga and experiencing an inner radiance, does it really matter? Even just 10 minutes of connecting with yourself through breathing and meditation can banish those blues!

How can you motivate us to do yoga at home?

People have to find that motivation themselves. It’s easy for me to say practising for an hour everyday will improve your life, but I can’t make people get onto the mat. Being a busy mum as well as running my yoga practice, I have found many ways to do yoga at home. I get about 10–15 minutes each day on my mat, so I make sure I do the moves I really enjoy.

Claire’s tips for getting started

Listen to your body and ask it what it needs, how it would like to move. Getting back to that inner voice is more yoga to me than a perfect headstand.

Look for a class near you. All my classes are aimed at beginners – I modify each pose for different students’ needs. Everyone likes to be challenged, so whether you are a complete beginner, have an injury or you’re advanced in yoga you’ll never be bored in a class.

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