Disley designer's lasting impression with fingerprint jewellery (with audio)

The latest range by Natalie Holt in Disley is a great keepsake and a romantic choice for couples. Amanda Griffiths reports Photography by Kirsty Thompson

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When Natalie Holt and Mark Morgan tied the knot last year there was no headache over choosing the right rings - Natalie made them.

‘I knew his wedding ring was the only item of jewellery Mark would ever end up wearing so I wanted to make sure he was comfortable with it,’ she said. ‘It was fantastic to be able to make them myself - it makes them even more special and personal.’

The 34-year-old from Disley is now giving others that personal touch with her newest range of jewellery, created using the clients’ own fingerprints.‘The idea came about because one of my friends has a couple of young children and wanted something as a keepsake. I’d heard about the precious metal clay you can use to press fingerprints into and just had a play around,’ she said.

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The handcrafted silver jewellery - which comes as pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings and cufflinks - is personalised with a fingerprint impression of a child or loved one. Natalie has even made one couple a pair of wedding rings using each others fingerprints in the design.

‘I wanted to offer something a little bit personal, not mass produced by a jewellery shop,’ she said. ‘Everything is handmade by me so no two items are ever exactly the same.

‘Parents and relatives seem to love the idea of preserving those cherished memories within a piece of truly unique jewellery. Also, the print making process is incredibly interactive so children really enjoy having them taken. If people aren’t local I send out an impression kit. The customer puts the fingerprint into that and sends it back and I basically make a model to recreate the finger and press the print into the jewellery.’

Natalie also offers a bespoke design service for people who want to work with her to create their own unique piece and she has a range of items available ready-to-buy on her website, www.fluidity-design.co.uk.

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