Dispelling the myths of Botox and Dermal Fillers

Inside Harley Street Clinic

Inside Harley Street Clinic - Credit: Archant

Cosmetic procedures such as botox and dermal fillers have become very popular in recent years, with more people deciding to opt for these types of treatments. As with any type of medical procedure, though, there are lots of things to consider first.

Lesley Reynolds from Harley Street Clinic

Lesley Reynolds from Harley Street Clinic - Credit: Archant

There’s a whole lot of information out there online, but sometimes it can be tricky to determine the difference between fact and fiction. The truth is, that botox needn’t be frightening. We spoke to Lesley Reynolds from Harley Street Clinic, to find out what’s true and what are the myths when it comes to botox and dermal fillers.

Myth 1 – Botox and Dermal Fillers are the same

Botox works best for the top part of the face, so the brows, forehead and around the eyes. Essentially, what it does is prevent facial muscles from moving excessively. Normally, your facial muscles would contract hundreds of times each day, which would eventually create lines and wrinkles. Botox slows down that activity, so most of those lines and wrinkles will be prevented.

On the other hand, dermal fillers are mainly used below the eye area to fill creases and crevices. They work really well on those nose to mouth lines, and can also be used in volumising the cheeks.

Harley Street Clinic

Harley Street Clinic - Credit: Archant

Myth 2 – It’s unsafe

Botox has been used in medicine since the 1960s and was originally used by opticians and ophthalmic plastic surgeons to inject around the eye, to prevent cross eyes. It is also used to treat cerebral palsy, spasms, migraines, excessive sweating, facial tics... so it has been used for a long time in medicine before it was introduced as a form of cosmetic treatment.

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It’s very safe to use in the correct doses and in the right hands, so by an experienced and well-trained practitioner. You should go to a reputable clinic, and look for someone who is medically trained and has a lot of experience.

Myth 3 – Once I commit, I’ll have to get it done regularly

There have been studies done in America, that show if you do have botox over a constant period of time, for around seven years, you don’t need it any longer because those muscles actually forget to move in the same way as they did before. So it can be a fantastic preventative tool for ageing.

Harley Street

Harley Street - Credit: Archant

Myth 4 – I’ll end up looking “frozen”

When you should go to see the practitioner, have a thorough consultation, talk to them about what you do and don’t like. It’s important that your expectations are known and that you explain exactly what you want. Our slant on everything is that "less is more" and you want to look natural, and enhance the way you look, rather than freezing it or changing it.

Myth 5 – I have to start getting treatments at a young age

There isn’t really a recommended age for these types of treatment, it’s more about when somebody begins to see lines and wrinkles they don’t like; and feel that they want to do something about it. The early to mid-thirties is generally when you start to see this type of ageing, and so that’s when a lot of people come into the clinic.

Myth 6 – It’s expensive

For fillers, the average price is £350 to £450. For botox, the prices range from £199 to about £399. We have clients coming in with very expensive handbags, so the price isn’t really much compared with that. And the one thing that everybody sees every day is your face. So making that look as good as possible to me seems to be a much more sensible option.

Myth 7 – It’s permanent

The important thing with dermal fillers is that you don’t want a permanent filler. Because what suits you when you're 30-40 might not suit you when you’re 50-60. We use a hyaluronic acid filler which eventually breaks down and disappears. It lasts for around 6 to 12 months depending on how your body breaks it down. Your face is changing and evolving all the time, so you have to evolve with your practitioner.

Myth 8 – My skin cream works just as well

You can’t get the same results with skincare as you can with botox. There are skin treatments which can plump up and hydrate the skin, giving a temporary effect. But with botox, you get complete erasure. Most people won't notice you've had it done, but will notice that you look well and fresh, which is what you want. Botox also takes the muscular pull on the ligaments thereby preventing the gravity effect that occurs around the brow.

Myth 9 – I should just age gracefully.

Ageing happens, and it is inevitable, but the decision is entirely up to you. You don’t want to rush into it. Go and have your consultation, then go away and think about it for a few weeks. You don’t have to have the procedure done that day. It’s something you’ve got to be sure you want to do. But remember, as long as you're with a good practitioner you’ll be fine.

Botox facts

It’s safe when used by a trained and experienced practitioner.

It could help slow down the ageing process 

Less is more -  movement is good!

There is good evidence to show having Botox regularly from your late 30’s early 40’s can prevent the need for a brow lift in your mid to late 50’s 

Botox targets muscles of expression not volume loss

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