Dr Martin Kinsella of Re-enhance on a holistic view of treatment

Dr. Martin Kinsella
Credit:: Martin Hambleton

Dr. Martin Kinsella Credit:: Martin Hambleton - Credit: Archant

Dr Martin Kinsella on helping his clients glow from the inside out.

Our hormones, in correct balance, influence the way we age, the way we feel and the way we are able to live our lives, both men and women.

Martin says: ‘Around four years ago I started looking at my clients’ hormones through blood tests and then recommending they seek medical opinion when I felt their hormone balance was causing some issues. I soon learned however many were being told that everything was ‘within normal range.’ Normal range is a very broad concept – if your production of any particular hormone deceases or increases dramatically compared to how it has been all your life, then you will feel the effects, but it can of course still be in what has been defined as ‘normal range.’’

When we think ‘HRT’, we think immediately of women entering into menopause, struggling with any of a combination of hot flushes, night sweats, sleeping issues, low moods, forgetfulness and brain fog (who knew?! Just as we get past ‘baby-brain’, this kicks in!) irritability, an upset menstrual pattern, weight gain and a reduced sex-drive.

While men don’t have a menopause, they commonly will experience a reduction in the production of testosterone from the age of 35. This reduction shows itself in the form of low moods, fatigue, weight gain, irritability (Grumpy Old Man Syndrome, ladies, it has a cause!) and lowered sex drive.

‘I see more and more young women coming here too, struggling with acne, weight loss issues, anxiety and fatigue - which is a huge thing for young women today and growing,’ Martin says. ‘Stress can show itself in a similar way to hormone imbalance in men, so it’s good to know what they are actually dealing with before taking steps.

‘We do a really comprehensive lifestyle survey with every client, which helps me see exactly what the symptoms they have are and whether in fact a change in lifestyle, rather than a hormone treatment, might be the answer. It might be that it’s a vitamin deficiency, for example. Our blood test is incredibly detailed: we look at every hormone, vitamins, thyroid… I have invested in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and established a compound pharmacy, with an in-house pharmacist, here in Hale. I can create a wholly bespoke treatment plan for each client, using bio-identical hormones, to restore their hormone balance to where it would have been at a younger age. The results can be dramatic.’

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It’s the ‘bio-identical’ bit that is as important as the ‘bespoke’ bit here.

‘Clinical studies undertaken showed a zero increase risk in the development of breast cancer among patients who are on bio-identical hormone replacements. But of course the NHS simply can’t afford bio-identical HRT.

‘We have had just the most tremendous feedback,’ says Martin. ‘People tell me it has changed their lives and the way they can live their lives. More energy means greater likelihood of going to the gym, spending time doing things they enjoy, for example. A normal libido helps maintain a healthy, intimate relationship.

‘Just knowing the effect our work here has on people’s lives…that’s what it’s all about really, for me.’


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