Dr Nyla on her plans to extend the Medispa clinics across the UK

Dr. Nyla at her Wilmslow clinic

Dr. Nyla at her Wilmslow clinic - Credit: Archant

Founder of MediSpa Wilmslow, Dr Nyla talks about her passion for her work and expanding her business beyond the borders of Cheshire.

Dr Nyla looks amazing. Seriously, she couldn’t be a better advert for her clinic, which is firmly in the business of helping women and men look their best. Her skin is even of tone and dewy of texture, her jawline is firm, her cheekbones defined and her smile delicate. Whatever she’s on, I want it.

‘It’s a result of the technology, right here in my clinic,’ she says, laughing at my compliments. ‘Not only do I undertake serious research before I invest in new technology, but I test everything on myself! I wouldn’t let my clients near anything I wasn’t prepared to experience for myself and have seen results from’

The men and women who visit MediSpa Wilmslow are making an equal investment in themselves when they decide to undertake a treatment, and not just financial. A fact that Dr. Nyla is well aware of.

‘People come here hoping to achieve very specific changes, but some come with unrealistic expectations and I have to manage these appropriately and be sure we make the right choices for them. People often believe that injectables are going to address their need. That is not the case! I recently saw a lady who insisted she needed fillers to address her eye-bags and when I wouldn’t do it, offering instead a better fit of treatment, she took herself elsewhere. She was back not long afterwards asking for help in resolving the now exacerbated bags under her eyes. There are solutions that clients won’t be aware of but we offer, so the consultation is key.

‘I have to say, I am sick to death of seeing people, especially women, coming in with bizarre looking faces as a result of too much filler. We need to get back to basics. Deregulation of clinical aesthetic treatments has led to some shocking, absolutely disastrous results with women left positively disfigured. In this profession there are too many providers with limited education and expertise who claim to be aesthetic experts; I refer to them as pretenders. You should ALWAYS see an experienced medical professional – and in this part of Cheshire there are many to choose from! Nothing can replace real education and expertise - and professional pride. As doctors we have developed the skill of listening and understanding and also comprehending the emotions that often lie beneath what might seem a simple request to “look a bit younger.” Some of the people who come here are vulnerable and need help from a different sort of specialist, and I will try to guide them to that and I won’t take advantage of their emotional state.

‘I spent six years at medical school, followed by three years at Wythenshaw University Hospital as a resident, training in every area of medicine. I wanted to be a GP, so I then spent three years in training ‘on the job’, meeting patients every day while being supervised within a GP practice. I qualified with Distinction, the only one in my class to do so. I was a full-time GP in Poynton for years, then trained in medical aesthetics before setting up a very small cosmetic practice in my own time. I became completely fascinated by the developing science and technology in the aesthetics industry and so decided to follow my passion – and here I am!’

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Dr. Nyla clearly loves her profession; she’s passionate about what can be achieved either through skilled injectable treatments or through using the frankly quite astounding technology she has brought to her clinics.

‘Technology in this arena is always evolving,’ she says. ‘Take for example the Lipocel treatment we’re offering here. It uses high intensity focussed ultrasound to deliver body contouring and fat reduction. It’s comfortable and effective and there’s no downtime at all. I’ve also introduced EMSculpt, which is all about defining muscles and burning fat. This is perfect for people who are already slim, but want to sculpt their muscle shape.

‘Finally, a real breakthrough has been the skin lifting and tightening treatment Ultracel. It takes a three-pronged approach to boosting elastin and collagen production, from the lower depths of the dermal layer to the epidermis, reducing skin laxity and plumping and tightening for results that last for ages – without any downtime or the pain and risk associated with surgery.’

It’s not just machinery that Dr. Nyla has made an investment in. She’s trained in the use of bio-identical hormones too, prescribing hormone therapy to address the needs of both men and women.

‘Our hormones have significant effect on the way we feel,’ she says. ‘Not simply as we enter the later years, but from our teens. There’s no point in dealing with the outside of a person if they aren’t feeling great on the inside. It’s a more holistic approach.’

This is one very busy lady. Not only does she consult at her Wilmslow clinic, but she opened a full clinic on Harley Street just six months ago and a new clinic in Liverpool is due to open the week after we meet, in September. The expression ‘form an orderly queue please’ never was so appropriate.

‘I arrived at the London clinic last week and had to wind my way through a queue of people waiting to get in,’ she says. ‘It’s marvellous. I can’t wait to open the doors of the new clinic in Crosby!’

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