Dress for romance: date night style

Charing Shoes, Kurt Geiger, £199.00

Charing Shoes, Kurt Geiger, £199.00 - Credit: Archant

St Albans Fashion Week director Ellena Ophira gives her top tips for a stylish evening with the one you love

Oversized blue blouse, French Conection, £45.00

Oversized blue blouse, French Conection, £45.00 - Credit: Archant

Valentine’s Day may have long passed, but we shouldn’t wait for romantic holidays to dress up and go for a special evening out for two. I’m a big believer in feeling comfortable on a night out – there’s nothing that will make you behave less like yourself than feeling uncomfortable in an outfit you are not confident in.

So, begone skimpy dresses and sky-high heels, true sexiness and beauty come from confidence and feeling your best. Be careful not to overdress as this too will make you feel uncomfortable; rather, put together an ensemble that can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the location for the evening.

Marco Biecgo necklace, Wharton Goldsmith, £1,1,92.00

Marco Biecgo necklace, Wharton Goldsmith, £1,1,92.00 - Credit: Archant

Here’s a date-night outfit that’s sure to get hearts racing. Tailored trousers will give you a sassy polished look. Make sure they fit perfectly and they will be complimentary to all shapes, especially in black. Go for a pop of colour. Avoid the temptation to go all in black, and opt for something bolder in a sophisticated hue. ‘Peacocking’ is a well-known flirting tactic – attracting your mate by dazzling them with colour. Be careful not to overdo it though!

Day Birker Et Mikkelsson Trousers, The Dressing Room, £160.00

Day Birker Et Mikkelsson Trousers, The Dressing Room, £160.00 - Credit: Archant

A fabulous shoe will make you feel like a million dollars. Make sure you can walk in them. This is essential. There’s nothing glamorous about teetering around or grimacing with each step, but once found, own that strut and work it. These gold-tipped shoes are the cherry on top for this outfit. Finally, finish the look off with a long gold necklace, to complement the gold of the shoes.

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