Bede’s in top 1% of schools in the UK for Value Added

Figures released by the Department of Education show that Bede’s is the Number 1 School for student progress in the Southern Region, including East and West Sussex, Hampshire and Brighton.

For the first time in almost a decade, independent schools in the United Kingdom were last week given a Value Added ranking for A Level in the Department of Education’s League Tables, with Bede’s being rated 1st in Sussex, 1st in the Southern Region, 11th in the South of England and 31st out of the 2,674 schools in the whole country for pupil progress.

The figures put Bede’s in the top 1% of schools in the United Kingdom for Value Added, ranking far above all local rivals.

Unlike traditional League Table rankings, “Value Added” scores are government calculations which compare pupil performance in and between public examinations. They are designed to provide a measure as to how much more or less successful students have been by virtue of the school they attended, declaring how much ‘value’ their school has added to their results.

Bede’s Headmaster Dr Richard Maloney said, “We traditionally pay very little attention to League Tables but on this occasion we can hardly help but express pride at the government’s findings. They serve as testament to the hard work of our pupils and teachers and, I believe, underscore the strength of our unique and holistic educational philosophy.”

John Tuson, Bede’s Academic Deputy Head, added, “We can now state unequivocally to the many Sixth Formers who join the school from elsewhere year on year, we add more value to A Level grades than every other school in the South. What we do clearly works, no matter where you come from or your perceived level of ability.”


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