8 reasons why you should choose an all-girls school for your daughter’s education

Students at Sir William Perkins's independent and all-girls school in Surrey

Attending an all-girls school can boost your daughter's confidence, help her learn invaluable leadership skills and help her discover new ambitions. - Credit: Sir William Perkins's School

How surrounding your daughter with like-minded peers can help her achieve her dream job and encourage her to believe no opportunity is out of reach.

Chris Muller, head of Sir William Perkins’s School in Chertsey, shares why he believes an all-girls school is the perfect learning environment for your daughter:

1. She’s free to be herself

We’ve worked hard to create a warm and friendly community where the girls feel safe, able to be themselves and stand up for what they believe in.

2. No opportunity is off-limits

We champion the academic needs of girls, especially in under-represented areas, like STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects. Last year five graduate sixth-formers went on to study computer science at university, it is currently one of our fastest-growing GCSE and A-level subjects.

3. She can discover new ambitions

Rowing co-curricular activity at Sir William Perkins's School in Surrey

'Our new Boat House at Laleham Reach allows us to teach every student how to row, maintain good fitness and demonstrate the importance of fit, not thin.’ - Credit: Sir William Perkins's School

Our academic results speak for themselves – every year the girls do very well in their GCSEs and A-levels. Many of our girls have gone on to study at university, and those who reach Oxford and Cambridge have almost always left with first-class degrees. Our teachers are specialists in each of their fields, and are the best mentors to help your daughter realise her ambition, achieve her full potential and develop her talents.

4. She’ll learn resilience and invaluable leadership skills

Being an all-girls school, there are more chances for girls to step up and gain leadership experience. We encourage students to take charge of events, plan drama productions, and run co-curricular activities. This helps build their confidence, compassion and resilience.

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We place great emphasis on supporting and encouraging one another. This helps the girls grow into kind, caring individuals.

5. She’ll learn to cope under pressure

Drama and music co-curricular activities at Sir William Perkins's School in Surrey

State-of-the-art music and drama facilities offer students the chance to develop their creative skills, practice public speaking, have fun and bond with peers. - Credit: Sir William Perkins's School

Being a teenager can be tough, which is why we feel it’s important for students to have places they can go when they feel stressed or overwhelmed.

We have a wellbeing room where students can take time out. Our peer-mentoring programme and dedicated specialist wellbeing staff are there to help. These tools can help your child learn how to cope and thrive under pressure.

6. Access to a wide range of co-curricular activities can build her confidence

Students have access to state-of-the-art sporting, music, and drama facilities and around 150 co-curricular activities to choose from. Our new Boat House at Laleham Reach allows us to teach every student how to row, maintain good fitness and demonstrate the importance of ‘fit, not thin.’

Students can perform in regular school concerts. Studying drama and music helps to develop their creativity and public speaking skills.    

7. We’ll help prepare her for the future

Students performing a lab experiment at St William Perkins's School in Surrey

'We champion the academic needs of girls, especially in under-represented areas, like STEM subjects.' - Credit: Sir William Perkins's School

We offer a holistic approach to education, meaning we hold pastoral care, co-curricular opportunities, and overall school experience, to be just as important as academic achievement.

The girls’ excellent grades will help get them the interviews they want, but I fully believe it’s all the extras we offer, that ultimately help them to secure the job of their dreams.

8. Excellent online resources make it easy for you to get involved

Thanks to our brilliant online learning platforms, fantastic teachers and dedicated students, we’ve been able to deliver an uninterrupted school curriculum during the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve even discovered new ways to help busy parents be a part of their daughter’s education by hosting virtual parents’ evenings and streaming school concerts online. By September, each student will have an iPad to aid independent learning.

How can you apply to Sir William Perkins’s School?

You can contact our admissions department to find out more about the admissions process. Potential students will need to sit a maths and English entrance exam. There is a range of academic scholarships available.

We believe we can provide your daughter with everything she needs to make her mark on the world.

Sir William Perkins’s School is an independent day school for girls aged 11 to 18, nestled in 13 acres of sprawling Surrey countryside.

Visit swps.org.uk for more information or to apply.

Contact the admissions team on 01932 574 900 or email reg@swps.org.uk