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In the current economic climate, with more than one million 16-24 year olds unemployed and increasing higher education fees, work experience is crucial to the development of the country's future workforce


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What is Corporate Vocations?Corporate Vocations provides work experience courses for 16-19 year olds within the U.K.’s professional service sectors, with an aim to bridge the gap between education and industry.

Why run these courses?In the current economic climate, with more than one million 16-24 year olds unemployed and increasing higher education fees, work experience is crucial to the development of the country’s future workforce. Corporate Vocations wants to ensure that every student has access to a work placement in an industry of their particular interest, and to provide them with the tools to gain the maximum benefit from their work experience.

How does Corporate Vocations differ from other work experience initiatives?Corporate Vocations has developed an online platform for students to access, which structures their learning experience whilst on placement. The platform allows students to view the variety of company placements on offer, and enroll for their preferred course. A key feature of the platform is that it provides an industry specific course for each student to undertake whilst on work experience, ensuring that they will gain a solid understanding of their chosen industry. The course culminates in an online assessment, allowing the student to achieve a Corporate Vocations qualification upon completion.

What are the benefits to students?The Corporate Vocations platform makes work placements in professional industries available to every student in the South East, which has previously not been the case. Unfortunately, a high proportion of work experience currently available involves performing basic administrative tasks that may be of some use to the company but bear little value to the student. By undertaking the Corporate Vocations course the student will finish the week with a new found knowledge of an industry in which they have a genuine interest in potentially pursuing a career. The qualification awarded, upon successful completion of the exam, will be a beneficial addition to the student’s C.V. With the ever increasing competition for jobs and the higher number of graduates, it is extremely important for students to set themselves apart from their peers. Demonstrating a dedication to, and a core understanding of, an industry will undoubtedly help to distinguish a student when it comes to job interviews.

What are the benefits to companies?Many companies rightly see work experience as an essential part of a student’s development. However, the issue with current work experience placements is that a student requires considerable management, putting a strain on resources and often becoming costly to the company. The Corporate Vocations platform reduces this problem, because a student can combine practical office work with the online course, providing a more directive learning experience whilst allowing a manager more freedom. The platform also allows companies to access the Corporate Vocations exam results data, which may be of great benefit to companies employing school-leavers and graduates in the near future, potentially saving costs on recruitment fees. The development of the U.K’s future workforce should be, and often is, prioritised on companies’ agendas. Corporate Vocations provides companies, free of charge, with the tools to offer high quality work experience places at minimal cost and disruption, allowing every company to fulfill its role in industry education for students.

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How does a student or company get involved?To register as a student on the Corporate Vocations website, please visit the web address shown and sign up to your chosen course. You will need to create and submit a Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) as part of the application process. If you are a company that is keen to offer places for students, or simply looking to find out more, please call one of the team today. It is important to note that this summer we are offering courses in the Property industry, with plans to expand this by the end of the year into a number of other industries, including Accountancy, Insurance and Banking.

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