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St Mary's Kindergarten

St Mary's Kindergarten - Credit: Archant

Girls and boys at St Mary’s Kindergarten in Colchester are full of excitement about starting school, thanks to an early introduction to the pleasure of learning and fun activities to build confidence and social skills

Secure Surroundings

Under the gentle guidance of friendly, experienced practitioners, children at St Mary’s Kindergarten enjoy starting to make sense of the world around them. Quickly they begin to recognise the letters in their names, count the number of fish in the fish tank and develop the physical and social skills they need to play a game in the outdoor learning area, taking turns and having fun in the company of their friends. Gradually, they develop the skills they need to make the move from kindergarten to reception with confidence and enthusiasm, ready to make the most of all the opportunities school life will bring.

From Rising Three

Children join St Mary’s Kindergarten at the start of the term in which their third birthday falls. Most settle extremely quickly, with the support of a member of staff assigned as their own key worker, who keeps in close contact with his or her parents to make sure there is a strong link between kindergarten and home. Parents are welcome to ask questions and chat both at the start and the end of the kindergarten day, or call at any time. Children who feel comfortable and secure are able to concentrate on learning and having fun.

Foundations for Learning

The morning session at the kindergarten is an introduction to literacy and mathematics to prepare little ones for more formal learning when they start school. The staff encourage children to want to learn and children develop the confidence to know that they can.

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Lively Activities

Every afternoon session at the kindergarten includes a fun, lively activity, which is designed to stretch children’s imaginations as well as their muscles. Drama, dance, art, French, outdoor learning, games and activities help girls and boys to develop their personalities and their own interests. Throughout the day, kindergarten children play and learn in their own enclosed garden and have plenty of space to move around outdoors as well as indoors.

Superb Facilities

St Mary’s Kindergarten is purpose-built, with its own safe outdoor learning and play area, set in the beautiful grounds of St Mary’s Lower School, just a few miles from the centre of Colchester. So as well as their own dedicated facilities, kindergarten children can read and choose books from the huge collection in the school library, jump and dance in the professional quality drama studio (with full-length mirrors!), run around in the school hall, eat a cooked lunch in the dining hall and learn out in the fresh air at St Mary’s Forest School — a classroom surrounded by wild flowers, magnificent trees and all the creatures who call it their home.

Healthy Food

St Mary’s is a nationally-recognised Healthy School and kindergarten children here enjoy a freshly-prepared cooked lunch and mid-morning fruit.

Kindergarten Sessions

The kindergarten day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 3.30pm. Wraparound care, before the school day from 7.30am and after school until 6.30pm, is also available.

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