How to get the most out of a school open day


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An education expert from ACS International Schools, which has campuses in Cobham, Egham and Hillingdon, answers your education questions

We need to pick a high school for our daughter this year. We’ve signed up for several open days, how do we get the most out of them?

I’m pleased that you are attending open days. These offer the perfect opportunity to get to know a school. Here are a few tips:

• On our open days we often have student ambassadors ready to talk to families. That’s the first thing I’d suggest, talk to current students and ask them what they love (and don’t love!) about the school you’re visiting. It will give you a real insight.

• Ask to visit an actual classroom, preferably in session; do the students look interested? It’s vital that students are engaged – a sure sign that they are gaining from their education.

• Talk to teachers and ask a probing question – what sort of student does your school serve best?

• Don’t be shy to ask about bursaries. Independent schools, such as ours, do have a wide range of financial awards for students.

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• Consider your child’s passions, strengths and weaknesses. Is your daughter into sports, drama or music? Does she have a talent for computer coding? Then seek out the facilities on the open day which appeal to these needs. You’ve got to find the right fit.

• Ultimately, trust your gut instinct and don’t allow yourself to be swayed by friends championing other schools. Make your decision on your child’s strengths and choose a school that will allow them to meet their full potential.

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