A* and A grades at Kingsley are double the national average

Rebecca and her parents

Rebecca and her parents - Credit: Archant

Focusing on both pupil wellbeing and ‘teaching the way pupils learn’ has resulted in exceptional grades for Kingsley’s Sixth Form students in the 2019 public exams

Bebe and her Dad

Bebe and her Dad - Credit: Archant

Kingsley students are happily celebrating their exceptional A-Level and BTEC results. 51% of all grades awarded are A* and A at Kingsley this year, putting Kingsley's results at double the 25.5% national average for achievement at this level.

Commenting on this year's results Headmaster Pete Last said: "I am immensely proud of our students and their record results today enabling them to secure places on their university degree level courses.

Becky and her Mum

Becky and her Mum - Credit: Archant

"Last summer 45% of results were A* & A grades, and I was absolutely delighted for our pupils. Today our Year 13 pupils have surpassed that, and 51% of all grades achieved are A* and A grades. I congratulate all our students and our staff who have worked together to achieve this outstanding success.

"The tireless energies of all our pupils and staff, and parental support, enable us to achieve top grades at both A-Level and at BTEC Diploma level. My belief has always been that pupils of all abilities will fly at Kingsley. When term starts in September, we are launching our new Oxbridge Scholarship Programme which will further help support our most academically able at Kingsley School.

Georgia and her art teacher Ms Southam

Georgia and her art teacher Ms Southam - Credit: Archant

"The cornerstone of everything at Kingsley is our focus on pupil wellbeing and I believe, on leaving school, wellbeing has a far greater impact on life outcomes than purely exam success, albeit the exceptional ones of our Sixth Formers today!"

The important stories of the day are the school's individual successes, and the excellent university and subsequent career progression options for students.

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Becky Kemp was thrilled to get the grades needed to study Medicine at St George's and she said: "I am really pleased I got the grades I needed to get onto my course, I worked hard for it, so it's good to see it paid off. I have been at Kingsley since Year 7; it has been amazing. I have had the best time, I have had the best teachers and I leave with the greatest of friends."

Headmaster Mr Pete Last and Nat

Headmaster Mr Pete Last and Nat - Credit: Archant

Meanwhile, Head boy Tom Brown received A* in Biology, A in Physics, A in AS Chemistry and has chosen to return to Kingsley to study Chemistry A-level to achieve his dream of being a dentist. Tom said: "I am looking forward to coming back to Kingsley in September to top up my studies. I have now decided that I want to do A-level Chemistry to help me fulfil my ambition to become a dentist. Kingsley has helped me believe I am capable of my dream career and I am very grateful."

Annie Vann said: "I am delighted; I got three Distinction stars. I was not expecting to get that so I am so happy! I am off to Wales to do a three-year course in adult nursing with the plan to specialise in A & E nursing. I have been at Kingsley for six years and I have really enjoyed it here. I have had all the help I needed and have had plenty of support. A special thank you to Mrs Stella who has helped me so much."

Mr Malek joined his daughter Bebe when she collected her results this morning and he said: "I am so proud of Bebe. She has achieved Distinction * in all her subjects. A massive thanks to Kingsley School. Her previous school was not giving her the support she needed. Kingsley has given her so much support academically but also emotionally as well. She leaves school as a more confident and a more complete person now."

Congratulatory hugs for Annie and Georgia

Congratulatory hugs for Annie and Georgia - Credit: Archant

Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Wendy Flint, said: "At Kingsley, we have been taking huge steps towards making sure our pupil's social, physical and mental wellbeing are a priority. The emotional and social skills, behaviours and knowledge that are learnt in the Kingsley Sixth Form can help our pupils set the pattern for how they will manage their health and well-being throughout their lives.

"The change in our pupils from the day they step foot into the Sixth Form centre to today is amazing. I am not entirely sure what it is, to be honest, but something remarkable happens, and they all leave here as great young adults, full of fun and ready to face whatever the world throws at them. I send my very best wishes to all our leaving Sixth Formers.

" I am exceptionally proud of them and I will miss them terribly. The door at Kingsley's Sixth Form Centre is always open to past pupils - please keep in touch."

Deputy Head, academic, Dr Susan Ley said: "I am immensely proud of all of the Year 13 students who have achieved an amazing set of results after two years of very hard work. I would like to take this opportunity to wish them all well in their future, wherever life takes them."

- 51% of all grades achieved were A* & A grades

- 27% of grades achieved were A* grade

- The average UCAS score per pupil was 148 (equivalent to more than 3A grades at A level)

- 66% of grades awarded were A*, A & B grades

- 100% A grades for all A-level Psychology students

- 78% of all Maths grades were A* or A

- 75% of all Biology grades were A* or A

- Three pupils, Tom Brown, Dobie Luk, Ignatius Yuen, achieved 100% A* & A's at A level

- 100% Distinction * for all BTEC Hospitality students (each Distinction * is equivalent to A* at A level)

- 100% Distinction * for all BTEC Music students (each Distinction * is equivalent to A* at A level)

- 75% Distinction * for all BTEC outdoor education students (each Distinction * is equivalent to A* at at A level)

- Four pupils, Ryan MacWilliam, Bebe Malek, Rebecca Tulett, Annie Vann, achieved 100% Distinction * in all of their BTEC levels [each Distinction * is equivalent to A* at A level)

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Kingsley is an independent day and boarding school in Bideford, welcoming approximately 400 children from nursery to Sixth Form on a single campus. Kingsley is committed to discovering, nurturing and celebrating the talents and achievements of each and every one of its pupils.

The School has a broad global footprint and attracts approximately 50 students from more than 10 countries, including France, Germany Spain, Russia, Mexico, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. Kingsley is one of the largest employers in Bideford, with over 140 employees.

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