Maisie Peters wins Steyning Grammar School annual talent show

Maisie Peters - winner of SGS Has Talent 2015

Maisie Peters - winner of SGS Has Talent 2015 - Credit: Archant

On Friday 27 February, Maisie Peters won Steyning Grammar School ‘SGS Has Talent Show’ performing her own composition ‘Electric’. This annual school event now in its 7th year is one of the highlights of the school calendar. The show provides a great opportunity to showcase the endless array of talent across the school.

'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' - Credit: Archant

The evening began with an opening song ‘Let it Go’ performed by the winners of the Lower School Choir Competition.

The talent show started with the younger students, Adam Bidwell & Senan Marshall performing ‘Radioactive’ & Charlotte Lavers performing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. Tyler James gave a Cello performance from Cellotastic No.3 and Siena Chipol gave a rendition of ‘Counting Stars’ accompanied by the school staff band ‘The Zimmer’s’.

Eva Payton White, Lauren Richards, Maya Brassington, Lauren Chace & Ollie Cox from the group ‘The Basics’ performed ‘Sing’. Sisters Julia and Katrine Browne sang ‘Grace Kelly’, Mololuwa Ogunyemi performed ‘Dance’ and Rachel Adeshile ‘Cry Me A River’ bringing the first half of the show to a close.

Max Binkle performing 'New York, New York'

Max Binkle performing 'New York, New York' - Credit: Archant

Max Binkle opened the second half of the show with ‘New York, New York’ accompanied by ‘The Zimmer’s’, Toju Bello & Joe Palframan performed ‘Dance’, Amy Curran sang ‘Yours’, Naydene Jumu performed ‘Almost Is Never Enough’ and Ray Njoku & Pelumi Salau sang ‘Untitled’.

The second band of the evening the ‘Swan Dogs’ with students Nick Van Pelt, Jay McIlhagga, Jazz Pope & Ryan Day performed ‘You’ve Got the Dirtee Love’. Maisie Peters from year 10 performed her own composition ‘Electric’ and Lalia Novel closed the show with ‘Someone Like You’ accompanied by ‘The Zimmer’s’.

Last years winner Oliver De-Savigny and ‘The Zimmer’s’ performed during the break to give the audience time to vote for this year’s winner.

Ray Njoku singing 'Untitled'

Ray Njoku singing 'Untitled' - Credit: Archant

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Mrs Katie Brownings, Show Organiser said: “This event is always such good fun and once again this year the pupils put on a wonderful show full of excitement. I could not have coped without the help of Maddy Fearon, Charlotte Pegler, Gina Foice, Lucy Moon, Maddy Corkery Haywood, Yasmin Lichoui, Emily Andrew, Millie Cross and Alex Wise. I am also indebted to the staff judges Mr Wergan, Mrs Nicol, Miss Russell and Mr Leighton and am delighted that 2015 was another successful year.”

Valuable funds are raised each year at the talent show to support eight Malawi children in their schooling. There is only one way to escape the cycle of poverty in Malawi and that is through education, which costs a fortune. Over the last eight years the money that has been raised by the school has enabled all these children to remain in school almost continually. Sarai, the eldest has completed university and has a good job working for a Portuguese road company. Kumvana and Chisomo are also in the middle of their university courses. Patsy and Tupo have successfully passed the entrance exam to secondary school and the three brothers, Philip, Joseph and Fabiano are all doing well in primary school.

Mrs Brownings explained: “We have been raising money to help one family in Lilongwe, Malawi. Mum Steria is raising all eight young people on a very small income. This money is proving to be a lifeline for these children who are now progressing well in their education, which is now helping to build a better future for them all.”

'The Basics' in action

'The Basics' in action - Credit: Archant

“This year well over £1000 has been raised, which will enable this valuable work to continue. Thank you for helping us to continue to support the Malawian branch of our Steyning Family.”



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