Meet Framlingham College Prep School’s headteacher

Framlingham College Prep

Framlingham College Prep - Credit: Archant

WEL caught up with Matthew King, the headteacher of Framlingham College Prep School

Matthew King

Matthew King - Credit: Archant

What sort of education can parents expect for their children at the Prep School?

A prep school education should be rigorous and challenging, but it must also be creative, vibrant and, above all, fun. At a time when schools so often surrender their individuality in the face of rigid testing and regulation, we feel passionately that children should be able to carry on doing the stuff that children ought to be doing for as long as they possibly can. For that reason a Framlingham College education remains every bit as diverse as it was when the school was established nearly seventy years ago.

How would you describe your style as head of the school?

I often remind my colleagues that I am and always will be a teacher. I enjoy learning from the team, supporting great ideas and helping those in my care to develop. We are always asking our children to make a commitment to improving themselves, that they take risks, embrace change, show respect for others and work hard. As teachers we must never forget that we have a role to play in living out those values ourselves rather than just expecting them.

What do you consider your greatest achievements as head so far?

A tough question for someone embarking on a new adventure only this term! However I feel honoured to have been given this opportunity and exceptionally excited about what lies ahead. Fram College Prep is the warmest of families and the Kings are proud to be a part of it. With pupil numbers buoyant, an energetic and experienced staff in place and close links with the senior school offering enhanced facilities and a secure educational pathway, there can be no better, safer or happier place for children to grow.

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What makes this school outstanding – what are you proud of?

We are understandably proud of our impressive academic record but, in life, true success demands broader qualities and values. Top marks are great, but they aren’t enough. We want to develop individuals who stand out from the crowd in all the right ways but also know the value of the team; Young men and women who will move on to the college as confident, well balanced youngsters, all-rounders in every sense.

Any famous former pupils?

Ed Sheeran (singer), Laura Wright (soprano), Charlie Simpson (Busted), Lucy Verasamy (ITV weather) and David Larter (England cricketer)

Favourite subjects?

Our strength is in our breadth. We achieve this through our excellent facilities, our versatile staff and through the flexibility of our innovative boarding programme allows.

Favourite book?

It changes all the time but, currently, Educating Ruby by Guy Claxton.

Guilty pleasure?

Nottingham Forest Football Club (perhaps more embarrassing than guilty these days!)

Favourite school dinner?

Soup and a salad.

Who inspires you?

Anyone of any age with energy, enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference.

Do you like sport?

It’s a real passion and I’m never happier than when I’m at the test match, watching Sky Sports in front of a log fire or scoring goals at the weekend.

What do you do in the holidays?

The holidays are family time and we love to camp, to walk and to travel. We are lucky enough to have a holiday home in Cornwall and we look forward to a few great weeks there this year.

Do you have any hobbies?

Aside from sport, I love to write and have a passion for music, comedy and great food.

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