Meet the head: John Green at Seaford College in Petworth


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John Green, Head of Seaford College in Petworth, Sussex, relaxes with a good book or by looking for his golf balls in the rough after a day out playing golf.

Published in A+ Education Spring 2017

If you hadn’t become a teacher, what would you have done instead?

I would have most likely become a police officer or even an orthopaedic surgeon. I have always had an interest in sports injuries due to two knee reconstructions.


What were your favourite lessons at school?

Economics and sport.


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Was there any type of school dinner that you couldn’t stand?

No, I have always enjoyed all school food. I’m not fussy!


What is your favourite film?

Recently, my favourite film has become Les Miserables. It’s a true epic and thoroughly entertaining. I watched Jungle Book over the Christmas holiday with my children, it’s a great family film.


Your Desert Island Disc(s)?

Green Green Grass, because it would remind me of home, my home environment, my family and my friends. I sang it at Seafordstock, Seaford’s own rock and pop concert, in order to raise funds for the Choir Tour to Paris. Also, American Pie, because it’s a great tune with lyrics you can really sing along to.


How do you relax?

I relax by reading when I can, I also relax by spending time with my family, or by regularly looking for my golf balls in the rough when out playing golf. Seaford has a fantastic nine-hole golf course, where students can learn the game, and parents also really enjoy using it too. It’s great to have a golf course on your doorstep.


What is the one thing that makes you most proud of where you work?

The Seaford ethos, which is all-round, inclusive and most definitely non-elitist. Seaford College is a warm, friendly, community where pupils feel confident to attain personal bests both inside and outside of the classroom.


If you could be the Prime Minister for a day, what’s the first thing you would do?

I would review the educational strategic plan and examination system. I would like to review the purpose and transparency of league tables.


School of thought

• Maths or English? - English. I really enjoy literature and am naturally more drawn to the subject.

• School dinners or packed lunch? - Both. I’m always hungry, and although I avoid sweet things for health reasons, I do occasionally indulge – everything in moderation. Having a background in professional rugby gives me an understanding of the right foods I should be eating.

• Newsletter or Twitter? - Newsletter... but slowly joining the Twitter bandwagon. At Seaford we find Facebook is a great place for our parents to have a dialogue and communicate, and we have an extensive following from alumni. It’s great to communicate with people who choose to follow you, and reaching a wider audience is a definite advantage of social media.

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