Meet the head of Sutton High School, Katharine Crouch

Katharine Crouch

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As the headmistress of Sutton High School, Katharine Crouch can’t imagine a life as anything but a teacher. The only thing that might stifle the buzz of working with children is being served tapioca pudding at lunch...

If you hadn’t become a teacher, what do you think you would have done instead?

I really can’t imagine doing anything else. Being a teacher means that I have been able to stay involved with my subject (biology), I am privileged to play a part in being involved with pupils at pivotal moments in their lives, I am part of a team and I have the constant buzz of being with young people.

What were your favourite lessons when you were at school?

I enjoyed a variety of lessons: science, history, religious studies and hockey in particular. I remember some great characters who were passionate about their subject and really helped to bring them to life.

Was there any type of school dinner that you couldn’t stand?

Yes, tapioca pudding, and anything where the taste of egg is not disguised. I still have difficulty eating in proximity to this, and it has proved a challenge on school trips!

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How do you like to relax?

My family is very important to me and I love to spend time with them. Going to the gym and singing in a local choir is about all I have time for, especially during term time, which means I value the opportunity to visit new places in the school holidays.

Which is your favourite film?

Only one? That’s far too difficult to say. I love any adaptations of the classics, and period settings, but I also enjoy thrillers.

So, your Desert Island Disc…?

I would prefer to take a clockwork radio, so the music will change and I don’t need any batteries!

If you were Prime Minister for one day, what’s the first thing you’d do?

A number of things spring to mind! I would love to explore some places not normally open to the public while I think about what to do first. Looking at opportunities for school leavers, both in education and in service to the community, would also rate highly.


Sutton High School , 55 Cheam Road, Sutton SM1 2AX. An independent day school for girls aged from three to 18 years old.. Tel: 0208 225 0594. Web:

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