Meet the Head - Paula Burgess at Bramley School

Ms Paula Burgess

Ms Paula Burgess - Credit: Archant

Paula Burgess, Headmistress of Bramley School, loves nothing more than friends, family and dance.

Where have you travelled and how has that has inspired you?

In my early 20’s I travelled around the world solo. To experience the diverse cultures was fascinating and has certainly contributed to my teaching in RE. I loved the eastern philosophies, the culture and the languages of India and Malaysia, Hong Kong and China and inclusion is always at the forefront of my thinking.

What are your passions?

Friends and family are central in my life and I spend as much time as possible with them. I do always keep two hours a week as sacrosanct so I can continue to attend my Dance class. My guilty pleasure is Friends on TV! I have watched every episode several times and am the proud owner of the box sets.

If not a Head then what would you be doing?

Perhaps own and run a natural health business to include alternative therapies for health and wellbeing.

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Who are your main influences?

Definitely my parents who gave me the sense of adventure to travel the world and seek the passions in my life, and my daughters, whose achievements continue to make me immensely proud – plus Rachel from Friends.

What was the last concert you went to?

It was the Royal Northern Sinfonia in Guildford which included an exquisite piece by a classical guitarist which was captivating and romantic.

Do you have a favourite style of cooking?

I cook many meals for family gatherings in large quantities and am greatly influenced by the Spanish style of cooking ‘plenty for many’.

Where did you last go on holiday?

I toured America and Canada with family and friends – including visiting my god-daughter who is studying at university in Canada.

Quick Fire Questions

Shoes or Trainers Trainers (with jeans whenever possible)

Drama or Comedy Comedy at all times

Book or Theatre Theatre – it is always special to visit, a book I read every day

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