Practical gardening course at Bicton College

Horticulture Lecturer Janice Hindley with students Julie, Jane and Gavin

Horticulture Lecturer Janice Hindley with students Julie, Jane and Gavin - Credit: Archant

From the enthusiastic hobbyist to budding horticulturalists, new students are being invited to join the Practical Gardening Course at Bicton College this April

The College in East Budleigh is hoping to attract new students this April for their one-day-a-week, 12 week course, designed for people of all ages and all abilities. With no written work, the practical course focuses solely on developing hands-on skills which can be applied to individuals’ gardens and outdoor plots.

Current student, Julie Bartlett from Woodbury, says: “Moving to a new house with a big garden, I was initially daunted by the prospect of coping with this unfamiliar outdoor space. Working as part of a small group at Bicton has given me the confidence to tackle previously unthinkable projects, learning basic plant recognition, pruning skills and so much more along the way.”

Fellow student, Jane Morton from Budleigh, says: “As a beginner with a small allotment, I’ve learnt about growing through the seasons. The course has demystified difficulties such as propagation, saving me money and time. I’m now looking forward to enjoying the fruits of my labour.”

Resources at Bicton College include the walled gardens, arboretum, orchard, poly tunnels and the expert knowledge of tutors and fellow learners, as well as historic plants from the famous Veitch collection.

The Practical Gardening Course begins on Friday 25th April to 18th July and costs £145. Attendees claiming job seekers allowance are eligible for funding to cover the course. Contact Susan on 01395 562324 or e-mail for more details or to book a place.

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