Reigate Grammar news: June 2016


- Credit: Archant

This month saw the return of Tim Peake to earth from his expedition in space and Reigate Grammar celebrated their own achievement relating to space travel. They also enjoyed successes in chemistry and put on their running shoes to raise money for the Children’s Trust.

Chemistry Champs

Chemistry Champs - Credit: Archant

Chemistry champions!

Reigate Grammar School entered four teams of students into this year’s RSC’s (Royal Society of Chemistry) Chemistry Challenge, a competition designed for Fourth Form students. All four teams performed very well in the first round of the competition which tested their chemical knowledge and ability to think laterally. The A team of Gabby Brasaite, Joe Miller, Emma Starbuck and Chris Stergiou finished in the top 6 teams, out of 75, in the region (Sussex and Surrey). This resulted in them qualifying for the regional final. This was held on the 11 May at Kingston University. This time there was a greater emphasis on the practical side of the subject with the team having to work out the percentage purity of solutions and analyse how the composition of coins has changed over time as well as a multiple choice test. This played into the team’s hands and they quickly proved themselves to be the most methodical and accurate group in the competition and were duly crowned as Regional Champions, the first team from RGS to ever achieve this feat.

Charity run

Charity run - Credit: Archant

Reigate Grammar School’s Annual Charity Run for the Children’s Trust

On Tuesday 24 May, students from Reigate Grammar School put on their running shoes to take part in the school’s annual run to Tadworth, in aid of The Children’s Trust.

The Second Form students from the school commenced their 5K run from Reigate Hill to finish at Tadworth Cricket Club where the Mayor of Reigate & Banstead, Councillor Joan Spiers, greeted the runners. First to reach the finish line for the boys was Theo Lewis who ran the course in 23 minutes 08 seconds, with Lucy Broderick and Lily Grant finshing as joint winners for the girls with a time of 27 minutes 18 seconds.

To space and beyond

To space and beyond - Credit: Archant

They hope to raise over £3,000 for The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury. The Children’s Trust has been supported by Reigate Grammar School since 1989, during which time the school has raised over £119,000 for the charity.

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Karen Phillips, Community Fundraising Manager at The Children’s Trust, said: “I would like to thank all the students and teachers for their wonderful support over the years and for helping to make a difference to children with brain injury. The school has raised a fantastic amount of money and we are very grateful to everyone.”

To space and beyond

Third Form student Kieran Thwaites has once again pushed the boundaries on his scientific studies and which sees the publication of his first thesis. As a member of i4is and the youngest member to pass the i4is starship propulsion test paper, Kieran was invited to submit a thesis for inclusion in the i4is magazine.

i4is publish an online quarterly magazine called ‘Principium’ ( to which many international scientists contribute. In recognition of Kieran’s achievements, he was given the great honour of writing the Guest Introduction to the latest edition. Kieran spent a great deal of time researching this, his first internationally published scientific thesis. All the science within it has been checked by and approved by the i4is scientists.

It is an astonishing piece of work and will, hopefully, help to propel Kieran into his chosen career.

The aspiration to send representatives of mankind to other solar systems has recently been given a very large boost because the i4is Executive Director, Kelvin Long, sits on the Advisory Committee of another organisation called the ‘Breakthrough Initiative Starshot’ programme which has recently been given $100m to develop a proof of concept design to send light powered nanocraft to Alpha Centuri (our closest star system). This ‘StarShot Project’ is supported by many notable scientists and you may have seen an interview on BBC news recently with Stephen Hawking, who is one of the leaders of this undertaking. More details of this exciting endeavour can also be found in the latest edition of ‘Principium’.