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Student at Reigate Grammar School on demolition day

Student at Reigate Grammar School on demolition day - Credit: Archant

Find out why the Independent Schools Inspectorate judged Reigate Grammar School to be exceptional following a recent inspection.

Reigate Grammar School is the first and only co-ed day school ever to be awarded this accolade. The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) use this rare judgement of ‘exceptional’ to identify schools where to describe them as merely ‘excellent’ is not sufficient.

This judgement of ‘exceptional’ is only available for the single overarching ‘Achievement and Learning’ aspect. For all other sections the highest possible judgement is ‘excellent’. RGS were awarded the highest level of judgement possible in every single category of the inspection in the School Inspection Report 2016

Overall Achievement and Learning: EXCEPTIONAL

• Curriculum and extra-curricular: Excellent

• Teaching and Learning: Excellent

• Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural awareness and development of pupils: Excellent

Most Read

• Pastoral Care: Excellent

• Welfare, Health and Safety: Excellent

• Governance: Excellent

• Leadership and Management: Excellent

• Links with parents: Excellent


The Lead inspector said:

“The child is at the centre of every decision”

“Pupils make rapid progress”

“Teachers care for and support each pupil”

“Attitudes to learning are exemplary”

“Teaching nurtures pupils’ talents and attitudes and provides pathways to success”

“The curriculum supports the pursuit of excellence”

“The range of extra-curricular provision is excellent”

“Pupils are prepared for a Happy and successful adult life”

“They have an impressive sense of right and wrong”

“Pupils are confident, mature, intellectually assured, polite and display excellent behaviour”


Nine inspectors spent four days scrutinising RGS at the end of the autumn term and their main finding is: “The quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning is exceptional. Pupils of all needs and abilities are highly successful in their learning….the contribution of the arrangements for pastoral care is excellent. High standards of behaviour are evident”


“Pupils are extremely well educated, fulfilling the school’s aim to provide academic and extra-curricular experiences which create pathways to success.”


“Extra-curricular achievement is exceptional. Many pupils are selected to represent their counties and many exhibit national prowess in sports such as athletics, hockey and rugby.”


“Pupils are outstandingly successful in gaining a high number of places at medical school.”


All areas of rating were deemed to be “excellent” at Reigate Grammar School including: pupils’ behaviour, the wide range of extra-curricular activities, arrangements for pupils’ pastoral care, welfare, and health and safety, links with parents, the quality of governance, leadership and management, teachers’ subject knowledge, and provisions for more able pupils, children with Special Educational Needs and children with English as an Additional Language.



Alan Walker, chairman of governors, commented: “I am very proud of the whole school community and this is vindication of the significant improvement at RGS in the last few years”


Shaun Fenton, Headmaster said: “the experience of each individual child in our care is more important than any report but it is nice to know how we compare to other schools. This will motivate us towards further continuous improvement”






New Centre of Learning: The Peter Harrison Foundation Centre



On Tuesday 19 January construction work began at Reigate Grammar School. Staff and students stood in awe, as a crane digger took aim and demolished the previous building to make way for the Peter Harrison Foundation Centre.


The new centre will host a university quality learning-resource centre and a flagship library with learning zones and e-readers. A new Sixth Form Centre with café, social facilities, study areas and classrooms allowing students to study, learn and relax will be included. The new facilities, designed by award-winning architects Walters and Cohen, will enable technology-rich learning for students of all ages and will be surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens.


“This major capital development will be transformational. We are honoured that Sir Peter Harrison CBE and the Peter Harrison Foundation are supporting this project with their generous donation of £4 million. Their generous gift will enable the school’s biggest ever capital building programme to take place over the coming year.” Shaun Fenton, Headmaster.


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