St George's College, Weybridge is a leading independent co-educational Roman Catholic day school

St George's College is a leading independent co-educational Roman Catholic day school in Surrey for 3-18 year olds offering a values-led education for all.


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St George’s College is a leading independent co-educational Roman Catholic day School in Surrey for 3-18 year olds offering a values-led education for all.   With over 130 years experience of educating children to the highest standard, we seek to inspire a love of learning and to encourage all to fulfil their aspirations and potential within an atmosphere of mutual respect.    Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. St George’s College is dedicated to your child’s journey and we invite you to experience what it’s like to be part of the family.Inspiring a love of learning St George’s College Junior School, which was founded by the Josephite Order in 1950, is proud of its well-earned reputation for being a friendly school where all pupils are individually known and valued. We aspire to help all pupils aged 3 to 11 years develop into confident and well-motivated individuals with high personal self-esteem. The Catholic, Christian, Josephite ethos underpinning St George’s College Junior School is influential in the daily lives of the pupils and special care is taken to nurture the spiritual, social and personal development of every child. We have been educating pupils for nearly 60 years and take pride in supporting each individual along their unique learning journey with the aim to reach their full academic potential.  Our carefully structured and broad-based curriculum is delivered in a way appropriate to the age and individual needs of the pupils. Small class sizes, combined with a dedicated and committed teaching staff, enable each pupil to achieve their own level of academic excellence. The personalised attention offered by our teachers ensures that pupils soon master the skills of reading, writing and mathematics. By offering a balanced curriculum, together with an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, we seek to inspire a love of learning in our pupils.  As pupils progress through the Junior School, they are encouraged to become increasingly self-reliant and to develop a real enthusiasm for the challenge of learning.  The high standard of teaching offered by the well qualified and committed staff is pivotal to St George’s College Junior School consistently achieving outstanding academic, music and drama results. With outstanding sporting facilities, and an impressive track record of sporting achievements, we offer a wide range of sports and encourage all pupils to participate. We excel at the Performing and creative Arts with productions throughout the year and regular drama workshops.  We pride ourselves in providing a solid foundation for each pupil in education, special interests and personal virtues and the vast majority of our pupils make the natural move to St George’s College, our Senior School.   Academic excellence St George’s College has been educating students for over 130 years and is committed to offering an excellent, well-rounded academic education for boys and girls aged 11 to 18 years. St George’s College offers a broad-based education encouraging boys and girls to strive for academic excellence across a wide range of subjects. Our extensive curriculum is supported by a number of core subjects to prepare our students as they aim towards their university and career ambitions.  Sports are essential for health and fitness as well as the sense of achievement that active participation and successful competition bring.  A-Level Theatre Studies and GCSE Drama provide academic recognition for the acting abilities of our students. Regular dramatic and musical productions provide an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and all students are encouraged to participate.  Students are encouraged to participate in new activities through our wide range of over 50 stimulating clubs and activities which complement the academic curriculum and enrich the learning experience. The Sixth Form acts as a stepping stone to university, with the emphasis on students making the most of all that St George’s College has to offer. Friendships forged at St George’s College can continue far beyond the education years and a network of familiar and trusted contacts can provide invaluable support through life.

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