Summer School at West Dean College

Join the annual West Dean College Summer School (25 July to 14 August) and spend time learning a new skill, or enhancing an existing one.

Week 1: 25-31 July

• Experimental drawing. Mix mark-making techniques and innovative use of materials to produce large pieces, artists’ books and sculpture with Freya Pocklington (£689 Suitable for all).

• Oil painting water landscapes. Water is a fascinating subject for a landscape painter. Learn to represent fluid and still water, working both outside and in the studio with Tom Benjamin (£675 Suitable for all).

• Letterpress and relief printmaking. Combine image and text as you try printing with a press, by hand and relief printmaking. Tutor to be confirmed (£730 Suitable for all).

• Enamelling – traditional and contemporary techniques. Gain the confidence to make individual pieces of jewellery or silver with Joan Mackarell (£675 Suitable for all).

• Sculpting in metals. Experience a variety of metalworking techniques to design and complete a three-dimensional sculpture with Mike Savage (£757 Suitable for all).

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• Exploring porcelain – form and surface. Explore the plastic nature of porcelain clay as you make forms inspired by manmade and natural surfaces. Use moulding, throwing and then mark-making with Jack Doherty (£777 Intermediate/Advanced).

• Exploration in stone – stone carving. Learn to carve a variety of stone, as well as the use of tools, design and finishing processes with Paul Haughney (£675 Suitable for all).

• Textile translations – creative felt making for textile art. Create textile art using traditional felt making. Explore the nuno-felt process, colour, dyeing and overlaying to make a large work or themed set with Liz Clay (£685 Suitable for all).

• Explore hand embroidery – the emotion of stitch. Discover a variety of hand embroidery stitches, three-dimensional stitching, attaching non-traditional materials and more with James Hunting (£711 Suitable for all).


Week 2: 1-7 August

• Painting the nude: context and process. Develop an engaging study, using studio exercises and historical context with George Popesco (£741 Suitable for all).

• Flotsam and jetsam: painting the lost and found. Enhance your fine detail watercolour painting taking inspiration from the shoreline. Learn dry brush technique, texture and composition with Suzanne Balchin (£675 Suitable for all).

• Woodcut printing inspired by West Dean. With an emphasis on cutting techniques and inking learn to print by hand and with a press with Merlyn Chesterman and Rod Nelson (£706 Suitable for all).

• Silversmithing – create vessels and sculptural jewellery. Work on individual projects and discover techniques, including sheet metal, raising, soldering and press forming with Abigail Brown (£675 Suitable for all).

• Sculptural carving in wood. Using simple carving methods you will be encouraged to bring your ideas to life with Alex Jones (£675 Suitable for all).

• Animal sculpture – wire, scrim and paper clay. Build graceful animal sculptures, consider anatomy and play with texture to highlight contours and details with Felicity Lloyd-Coombes (£775 Suitable for all).

• Digital print design for textiles. Use Adobe Photoshop to create unique designs based on photographs and leave with designs ready to send off for printing on fabric. Computer competence is essential. Tutor Emma Burton (£715 Beginner/Intermediate).

• Dynamic textile printing. Explore a range of silkscreen print processes, including dyepastes, pigment, resists, mark-making and colouring with Dawn Dupree (£675 Suitable for all).

• Explore tapestry weaving. Gain an understanding of weaving techniques including circles and texture. Make a selection of woven samples with Caron Penney (£705 Beginners/Intermediate).


Week 3: 8-14 August

• Painting in the Spring Gardens. Develop a personal approach working with watercolour, drawing and painting both in the studio and around the Spring Gardens with Christine Forbes (£675 Suitable for all).

• Printmaking with lino. Learn technical skills and experiment with various printmaking methods with Dale Devereux Barker (£711 Suitable for all).

• Explore fibre art and basketry. Combine basket making, textile art and sculpture while working with a range and basketry techniques. Develop these to make individual sculptural or woven objects with Tim Johnson (£711 Suitable for all).

• Create your own jewellery – an individual approach. Gain skills and develop a personal style for your jewellery. Incorporate found objects and other unusual materials with Sarah Macrae (£675 Suitable for all).

• Creative photography. Discover light, composition, lens use and camera settings with Roy Matthews (£717 Suitable for all).

• Exploring sculptural themes – figure, landscape, abstract. Using a variety of materials and exercises be inspired to express ideas and forms with Jon Edgar (£735 Suitable for all).

• Machine embroidered animals in three dimensions. Create a small threedimensional embroidered animal, learn how to use water dissolvable fabric and manipulate stich with Lindsay Taylor (£675 Intermediate).

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