The benefits of co-education at Sixth Form

Students taking A-levels at co-educational Trinity Sixth Form in Croydon

'Students learn in a real-life setting, develop fresh perspectives, and gain knowledge from others.' - Credit: Trinity Sixth Form

How a co-educational Sixth Form can help prepare students for the real world. 

Antonia Geldeard, head of Trinity Sixth Form in Croydon, offers her expertise to help you navigate the challenging world of college applications and find a Sixth Form that’s right for you.

Q: What is the benefit of co-education and attending an independent Sixth Form?

A: In a co-educational Sixth Form, classrooms are more diverse, offering students the opportunity to debate, inquire and investigate. Students learn to be respectful of one another, share their stories and listen to what others have to say. They learn in a real-life setting, make new friends, develop fresh perspectives, and gain knowledge from others. 

We value the individuality of every student that steps through our gates. We offer an inspiring, friendly, dynamic and challenging environment where young people can begin their journey to a bright and successful future. Crucially, our independence also allows us to focus on enrichment - developing students beyond the A-level syllabus. 

Q: How can you help students gain entry to university and get the jobs they want?

Year 12 and 13 students at Trinity Sixth Form college in Croydon

Induction events, quizzes, meals out, and team-building days help new students settle in and adjust to life in the Sixth Form. - Credit: Trinity Sixth Form

A: Through regular one-to-one career guidance, we can help students focus on their goals and lay out practical steps to help them get to where they want to be and gain the UCAS grades they need to get there. 

We provide enrichment courses and elective options to allow students to tailor their A-level subjects, extend their interests, and develop critical research and study skills.

This year 90pc of our students were awarded a place at their first-choice university or destination for a wide range of qualifications from medicine to law, art, and leading music conservatoires. We also offer extensive support to students interested in pursuing the increasingly popular route of apprenticeships.

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I recommend choosing a Sixth Form that recognises the importance of outstanding A-level grades, but that also champions the individuality of its students. Our teachers are devoted to sharing their time and knowledge, to help each student unlock their full potential.

Q: What extra-curricular opportunities are on offer at Trinity Sixth Form, and why are they important?

Sports field at Trinity Sixth Form college in Croydon

'Students are encouraged to get involved in as many co-curricular activities as they can to help them discover new passions and expand their horizons.' - Credit: Trinity Sixth Form

A: We offer over 100 clubs and societies for students to join, ranging from arts to literary theory, philosophy, psychology, economics, sports, politics, climbing and debating. 

We encourage students to get involved in as many co-curricular activities as they can. This helps them to discover new passions, expand their horizons and build relationships.

We’ve also recently finished building our new music facility, which features outstanding practice, performance, and recording spaces. We have won many awards for the quality of our performing arts. 

Q: What access do students have to pastoral care?

Exterior of Trinity Sixth Form college in Croydon

'We value the independence and individuality of every student that steps through our gates.' - Credit: Trinity Sixth Form

A: To help students adjust to life in the Sixth Form, we host several induction events, including quizzes, meals out, and team-building days to help them feel settled, safe, and content.

We also teach timetabled lessons on mental health, sex education, and relationships, for instance, while hosting regular tutor discussions; providing students with safe spaces in which to express themselves.

We offer a holistic approach to sixth form education, caring for the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health of our students. This helps them transform into mature, resilient, and well-rounded individuals. 

Q: How can students apply?

A: Attend our virtual open evening to give you a taste of what life at Trinity Sixth Form is like. We plan to host an on-site tour of the Sixth Form in late June 2021 if coronavirus restrictions permit.

We can’t wait to show prospective families around our refurbished Sixth Form centre, equipped with a stylish café environment and integrated work and career spaces, that students can enjoy during downtime and for independent study.

Applicants can apply for a range of academic scholarships, and we offer generous bursaries for those eligible.

Trinity Sixth Form is an independent, co-educational sixth form located in Shirley Park, Croydon.   

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