Website and app helping parents rate and review all education institutions within the UK.

School Reviewer website

School Reviewer website - Credit: Archant

School Reviewer has launched a new website to help parents rate and review and uniquely ask other parents questions about all education institutions within the UK.

School Reviewer app

School Reviewer app - Credit: Archant also offers a wealth of up to date information on 41,826 pre-schools, primary, secondary and further education establishments across the UK. The majority of listings include a minimum of three year’s worth of Ofsted Ratings and academic data that helps enforce quality and repute across the board.

These days there are reviews for everything, from the holidays we go on to the hotels we stay in and the restaurants we eat in. We’ll read a review of a book before we read the book itself, we’ll read a review of a film before we sit down and watch it. Indeed, there are few things we decide on these days without reading someone else’ review of it first.

So why is it that when we make one of the biggest and most important decisions of our lives we don’t seek out opinions and reviews or ask questions? Which decision is that? That decision is the schools we send our children to.

A good education is the right of every child. Therefore, it stands to reason that parents need to make informed choices about any school they choose for their child. All children are different and so are schools, so it is important we choose the one that best suites our child. For that to happen information is vital. details 41,826 schools throughout the UK and provides an invaluable, informed and objective overview of all educational establishments from nursery through to further education, including both state schools and those in the independent sector. Its aim is to become the one stop place for school information in the UK, providing a comprehensive and continually updated database about schools helping parents research the most suitable school for their child. Because it is interactive it will allow parents to share experiences, post comments, write reviews and gives parents the ability to ask other parents questions about a particular school, something that isn’t available anywhere else.

Eddy Chan © Annie Armitage

Eddy Chan © Annie Armitage - Credit: Archant

There is also a school reviewer IOS and Android Apps available as a free download so parents can review and explore schools at anytime from anywhere. Parents can search by establishment type, proximity to a chosen postcode and availability of reviews. will create an online community that will provide first-hand information that goes beyond the school prospectus and the school tour by providing personal experiences from those who know the school best, the parents of current pupils. Parents will have the unique opportunity to review and rate their experiences against given criteria. A chance to reassure other parents just how good their school is. This will be a valuable tool for parents investigating a new school, be it for the next stage of their child’s education, a change of location, or simply looking for a better ‘fit’ for their child.

For schools the website offers the opportunity to profile and promote their own establishments, hear what parents have to say, writing their own descriptions, uploading their own photos and updating relevant information. Head teachers will also have the opportunity to respond to reviews, thus ensuring a fair platform.

The website has been developed by a parent for parents. Edwin Chan, founder, recognises the importance of making confident and informed decisions and choices for any child.

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“School Reviewer was born from the frustration felt when attempting to find first hand information on potential schools for my children. Short of standing outside the school gates and canvassing opinions from parents at those schools during school run hours, I had no other source of parental reviews or opinions of those schools via the internet. School Reviewer is a free platform drawing on genuine feedback from everyday parents, providing an intelligent solution for parents wanting unbiased and honest reviews on schools throughout the United Kingdom.” invites parents, carers, teachers and head teachers to become part of this important and invaluable initiative. This is intelligent support for parents wanting to see beyond the prospectus and school visit and who want to make informed choices. See what other parents are saying about the schools near you right now.

Visit to find out more.

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