Elderly relative in care? Enjoy your holiday, with peace of mind

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A holiday should be a chance to get away from it all, but if you’re worrying about an elderly or infirm relative, it can make far from a relaxing break. Allison Martin finds out more

Woodford’s WeCare has created an App that lets you check in on your loved one from a distance, providing reassurance they’re happy and well.

The App takes clients to the WeCare website giving access to real time updates, from what time a carer arrived and left, to what medication they administered and even what their relative had for lunch.

WeCare founder, Jordan Shlosberg, explains: ‘If you’re the main carer for an elderly relative, going away can be a real worry. The access we provide offers valuable peace of mind.’

Jordan and his family know, first hand, what it is like to rely on carers after his grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year and desperately wanted to spend her final days at home.

Jordan admits that the family did, at times, find accessing information and arranging care to be time-consuming and frustrating. He explains: ‘Too many providers use an archaic, pen and paper, system. We wanted to spend quality time with Grandma as a family but found ourselves wasting so much time on admin.’

As such Jordan has ensured WeCare’s process is all online with everything, from care plans to real time information, accessible to clients via a login and password. Carers can be contacted and booked for visits direct, via the website.

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Along with making organising care as easy as possible, Jordan was keen to provide a bespoke approach with clients initially meeting a senior carer or registered manager to create a care plan, a legal document detailing needs and goals. Jordan says: ‘Our care plan is available all the time and can be updated as needs evolve. We recognise that everyone’s different and we try to cater for individual requirements, some clients want companionship, others may have more complex needs.’

WeCare also tried to match clients with a carer and ensure, wherever possible, the same carer is available for each visit.

Jordan says: ‘It’s a very personal thing to have someone in your home and it helps to build a relationship and trust.’

WeCare is very much a family business, basing its operation near the Shlosberg family home in Woodford. Jordan’s mum Melanie has an ambassadorial role, visiting retirement homes to explain the ethos and operational procedure. Jordan, 29, says: ‘She knows first-hand how the system operates and is the perfect person to represent our service.’

WeCare opened three months ago and currently operates across Redbridge, Romford and will shortly extend its service into East London.

Jordan, who went to Bancroft’s school, says: ‘One of our most unique services is connecting with a client’s GP and giving them access to our system for up-to-date medication and care information.

‘The first GP I approached turned out to be an old school friend I’d lost touch with, it’s really great to have those links and connections. We based ourselves in Woodford because it’s an area that still feels like home.’

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