10 of the best spring crafts for kids

happy funny child girl draws laughing shows hands dirty with paint

Spring crafts for kids - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Here’s a whole host of ways to get crafty with your children this spring – perfect for those rainy days indoors

1 Giant Easter Eggs

Carefully squeeze some small treats inside a deflated balloon, then blow it up and tie it tight with a small piece of wool. Dip more wool in watered down PVA glue, and drape it all around the balloon, criss-crossing as you go. Place your balloon on top of a mug to dry, then pop it and pull it out by the small piece of wool, leaving the treats trapped inside.

2 Potato Stamped Rainbow

Using a sharp knife, cut potatoes in half and cut out different shapes to make stamps. On a large piece of paper draw a rainbow shape with a stripe for every colour of paint you have, then let the little ones colour the rainbow with the stamps. This makes a great group activity and on a dry day you might want to take it outside to avoid mess.

3 Coffee Filter Flowers

Fill an ice cube tray with water and add different food colouring to each one. Let your children have fun painting the filters and mixing all the colours together. Once dry, scrunch the filter together to look like a blossom and tie with a pipe cleaner. A perfect bouquet that will last forever.

4 Paper plate birds

Fold a paper plate in half, and help them to draw on a beak and some feet to each side. Then let them loose with the glitter, paint and feathers to create a beautiful flock of spring birds that look great hung up on string, or rocking on a shelf.

5 Toy rolling picture

Have fun hunting for old toys that will make great patterns when rolled or stamped in paint. These might be cars or dinosaurs, or why not be even more creative and wrap a ball with an elastic band to make stripes and patterns. Dip them all in different coloured paint and roll them across a large sheet of paper. Your kids will love discovering all the patterns they can make.

6 Butterfly Window Decorations

Collect up all those old broken wax crayons and turn them into confetti with either an old grater or pencil sharpener. Sandwich the confetti pieces between two sheets of wax paper, take a hot iron and gently melt them all together to make beautiful patterns. Then help the little ones cut out butterflies and other shapes to hang up near a window and let the colourful light shine through.

7 Easter basket cups

There are hundreds of ways to make an Easter basket, but for a simple life, just make two holes either side of a paper cup and thread a couple of pipe cleaners through to make a handle, making sure to tape up the sharp ends. Then let everyone have fun decorating their basket however they like; stickers, paint, glitter, foam shapes or feathers… the only limit is their imagination.

8 Scrapbooking

Take time to go through all those photos you have on your phone, and let them choose their favourites to print out. Stick them into a scrapbook and help them write out why they love this photo, and what their memories are of that day. Do this regularly and you will quickly fill a book, giving you lots of memories to treasure for years to come.

9 Glitter Pasta Jewellery

Let the children go wild painting dried pasta with paints and glitter glues, then leave to dry on some parchment paper (so it won’t stick). Once they are all dry have fun threading all their beautiful beads on to wool to make necklaces, bracelets, rings and headbands.

10 Handprint cards

For cards your family and friends will really treasure try painting handprints onto folded card, and adding green stems to turn them into flowers. They are ideal for birthdays, Easter, or even just to say hello. The kids will love the feel of the paint between their fingers – just make sure you have aprons and old clothes on as it can get messy!