Anchor & Crew - nautical-inspired jewellery handmade in Britain

Anchor & Crew

Anchor & Crew - Credit: Archant

Anchor & Crew is a British fashion brand that was officially launched at the UK Jewellery + Watch Show earlier this year. Handmade and designed in Britain, Anchor & Crew is inspired by mechanical and nautical objects, and relates the great designs of the past with modern day fashion. With an accessible price range, each piece has a unique character.

Anchor & Crew

Anchor & Crew - Credit: Archant


Anchor & Crew

Anchor & Crew - Credit: Archant

Great Britain is one of the great founders of the industrial world. Industry has grown since the Enlightenment and in due course the method of transport that has made everything possible has evolved since the times when horses once drew carts behind them. One of the most notable Great British evolutions is its naval history.

The name of Anchor & Crew relates to the famous icon of naval history – the anchor – and pays respect to the individuals that organised and manned each ship – the crew. The brand’s symbol of a rope is a representation of all the various industries across the world.


Manufactured using precious metals and British Navy certified materials, the combined feel of Anchor & Crew pieces is one of quality. The creativity of Anchor & Crew does not end with the innovative designs, but with the allowance for the consumer to choose a material’s colour and personally style the piece.

Anchor & Crew products are handmade, with celebrated craftsmen ensuring that high standards of quality are met. Handmade and designed in Britain, the brand is now available in the UK.

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Anchor & Crew and identity the jewellers, Derby

Anchor & Crew is designed and operated by the owners of identity the jewellers in Derby. Due to the director’s keen interest in design, art, architecture and jewellery, and with years of experience in offering a broad variety of jewellery and watch brands – identity offers over 90 brands in-store and online at present – the team felt that it was time to expand into their own range. In 2013 identity noticed a gap in the market for a popular brand that was truly British and handmade.

They felt that the handmade jewellery brands currently offered are not necessarily highly popular, and though the pieces are intricate and crafted, they certainly suit a different market to branded items. Equally, many jewellery brands are designed around themes, and Anchor & Crew’s is everything nautical. No other jewellery brand currently focuses on the navy, sea or beaches, yet most of the British public go on holiday to the British seaside or a foreign coastline. The packaging of Anchor & Crew jewellery is also nautically themed.

Andrew, a director at identity, has a background in jewellery and silversmith work, whilst another director, Chris, has recently finished an architecture degree. Using the design ideas of Andrew, and the computer capabilities of Chris, identity was able to mock up tens of designs, test them and ultimately create the range available today.

Since the launch back in February, the brand has been very popular in identity the jewellers in Derby, with interest across the country growing as the brand is beginning to be stocked in other stores.

The ethos behind Anchor & Crew is to relax and wear a casual accessory that isn’t too informal. The pieces blend perfectly with both formal and informal attire and are suitable for any occasion, especially given the beautiful colour variations.


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