Fashion Addict - Carlo Nash

Stoke FC goalkeeper Carlo Nash, who lives near Stockton Heath, shares his style secrets with us

What do you wear to work?This time of year I go for something lightweight and comfortable like linen shorts, t-shirts and flip flops, but in the winter I usually wear a pair of Diesel jeans, long sleeved top with a scarf and Barbour jacket. I always go for clothes that are easy to wear as I’m always stripping off for training.

What do you wear for a big night out?For dinners and charity events black tie is a must. However for a big night out I go for the smart casual look, jeans with a fitted shirt and leather jacket. I also have quite a range of nice shoes too!

Tell us about your biggest fashion mistakeI thought I was cool at the time but just thinking about it makes me feel sick. Mustard coloured jeans and red suede ‘Fila’ trainers. Need I say more!

Tell us about the last occasion you stepped out feeling goodI remember walking the red carpet to the MTV awards in Liverpool a couple of years back with some of my Everton team mates and feeling pretty special.

What aftershave do you wear?I love ‘Creed, Vetiver’ but I have never understood why it is so expensive.

Which hair and grooming products are in your bathroom?My wife Jill bought me some Elemis moisturiser one Christmas and I’ve been using it ever since. For my hair, I use the matte paste from Toni & Guy.

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Which product would you be lost without?I’m getting on a bit now, so it has to be my Elemis anti wrinkle cream.

Are you a gym body?I guess when you work out pretty much every day you have to be. When I’m not training I love yoga, playing golf and tennis so I’m always active. But I do have to work hard to keep in shape because I love the sweet stuff.

What’s your favourite thing to do to unwind?Being pampered at a spa. I love traditional Thai massage, especially when they re-align your back and neck.

Do you have a grooming tip you swear by?Always take a hot bath or shower before shaving because it softens your skin.

What is your favourite holiday destination?That’s a tough one! It depends on what you want. I’m lucky enough to have been to more than 70 different countries over the years and every one has its pluses and minuses. Whether it’s been partying in Miami, relaxing in the Maldives or soaking up the culture in Cambodia everything has been amazing.

What was the last book you read?‘Open’ an autobiography by Andre Agassi. A prime example of what sacrifices are made to be top of your game in any walk of life.

Who do you consider to be the most stylish man of the past century?I’ve always admired the way Brad Pitt looks both on and off the screen. I thought his true style shone through in ‘Oceans Eleven’ and the subsequent films in that series.

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