Fashion Addict - Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan, 39, is a photographer and photography lecturer. He recently opened a pub, The Freemasons Arms, in Knutsford. He talks about his personal style

What do you wear to work?I go for a dressed down scruffy look of a Belstaff jacket (the one like Che Guevara wore) coupled with a Barbour shirt, chinos or Acne jeans and the ever present havianas flip flops in summer or trickers brogues in winter.

What do you wear for a big night out?As above! It’s the uniform of the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

Tell us about your biggest fashion mistakeThe 90’s. Everything I wore in that decade.

Tell us about the last occasion you stepped out feeling goodIt was probably the opening of my pub the Freemasons Arms in Knutsford. All my friends and family were there and it was the culmination of two months of intensive renovation on the interior where we sourced stuff from a range of places - Notting Hill through to South Africa and friends’ garages. I wore a Barbour shirt from the Steve McQueen range, chinos bought from Oi Polloi in Manchester.

Who do you consider to be the most stylish man and woman of the past century?Tom Ford and Vivienne Westwood but I do like Queennie out of Blackadder.

What fragrance do you wear?I rarely wear aftershave but when I do it’s Tom Ford’s Extreme.

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Which grooming products are in your bathroom?Dove soap, L’Oreal anti-ageing facecream (I’m getting on!), Calvin Klein facecream and the usual plethora of random creams that you get at Christmas and never use.

Which product would you be lost without?Dove soap as I use it every day.

Are you a gym body?I train at a local Thai boxing gym. I have one private session per week, one fighters’ class and a circuit class. It’s incredibly hard work but the rewards are worth it.

What’s your favourite thing to do to unwind?Sunday breakfast, Sunday papers, Sunday roast (with Guinness) and somewhere in there, a Sunday cuddle.

Do you have a grooming tip you swear by?A hot shower before shaving followed by plenty of face cream

What is your favourite holiday destination?Fowey in Cornwall but I recently had a month’s photographic assignment in Namibia which was unbelievable.

What was the last book you read?I have just re-read The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

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