Fashion Addict - Jane Entwistle, Entyce

Jane Entwistle of Entyce in Chester

Jane Entwistle of Entyce in Chester - Credit: not Archant

Jane Entwistle, 32, is a director at Entyce, a digital marketing agency based in Chester, which designs and builds websites for clients in a variety of industries. Jane enjoys clothes and here she reveals her style loves and loathes

What do you wear to work?

Being in the creative industry is great as anything goes. I love wearing heels and dresses, although you can’t beat a well-fitted pair of jeans. I couldn’t imagine having to wear a uniform for work.

What do you like to wear for a big night out?

Getting ready with the girls is often the most fun part of the night so a new outfit is a must. I like to get dressed up and to wear a skirt or a dress.

Tell us about your biggest fashion mistake

If you asked my grandmother she would have said my ripped jeans. I was a fan of the ripped jeans look and she used to try to sew them up for me!

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Who is your favourite designer?

Stella McCartney because she’s timeless and classic.

Who’s been the biggest influence on your personal style?

My mum! She has always been very aware of fashion and was in her element dressing me and my younger sister as children. Her mother was a massive follower of fashion so she grew up with it and even now if I need an honest opinion on an outfit, my mum would be the first person I would ask. She was delighted when I had my daughter, Lauren, as she now has another little girl to style.

What is your favourite high street shop?

Zara. They always have gorgeous clothes which fit me really well. I love the quality and the price is reasonable too.

Most recent purchase you’re thrilled with

I recently bought a dress from French Connection and I love it, I’ve worn it loads this summer. I get quite excited if a dress gets more than one wear!

What perfume do you wear?

I like to change my perfume regularly but at the moment it’s Emporio Armani.

What hair and beauty products are in your bathroom?

I love the Kérastase range of hair products and I’m a big fan of the Dermalogica skin products but I also like good old Nivea as a body moisturiser.

Which beauty product would you be lost without?

My lip-gloss!

Are you a gym body?

I do enjoy exercise, but I’m in the gym less in the summer as I prefer to be out running.

Who do you regard as the most stylish woman of the last 100 years?

It would have to be Louise Redknapp, she always manages to look effortlessly sophisticated. She’s about the same height as me, so I find it an inspiration to see petite women looking great.

What was the last book you read?

I’m really bad for starting a book and then not finishing it! I’m currently half way through the Chris Evans’ autobiography…